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  1. Welcome! Looking forward to see what kind of projets you can think up
  2. Haha I ordered five as well. I bet they saw a jump in sales. What if it is just a marketing gag?
  3. Sure we can help, but first we need to know more about the problem. Some helpful things would be Code you are working with More information on the ECG and how you are getting the data to the msp430 (serial.SPI,etc) Any schematics / wiring diagrams Once you give us that we can start assisting.
  4. Put me in for assembling some boards. I solder a bunch of stuff for work, so I have all the tools needed.
  5. I might take a shot at trying to help out on the software/shield design. To ge it started here are some helpful links: SIM9000 Hardware Spec Sheet and AT Command Set
  6. What awesome timing. I just bought a small gokart engine and am working on an ECU/ fuel injection system. So far I have two temperature sensors reading oil temp and engine block temp. Working on an oxygen sensor next. This sounds like a pretty cool project. If I can fork out enough moolah/ time I would mess with it.
  7. Best I could do this morning. After school / work I will upload some more code and pictures. http://i.imgur.com/r2J5kqO.jpg
  8. I found a post on the TI E2E community asking questions about the LCD on the educational boosterpack. Someone posted some code for energia and it worked perfect. I took the code and "translated" it to non energia. Here is the forum post. Also here is documentation for the LCD itself from the manufacturer website (PDF). Right now this code prints "hello 43oh.com" . I am going to play with it more later tomorrow. If it is messy code I apoligize, long day at school work in addition to getting use to this platform..
  9. Fixed the private thing. Not sure how that happened.
  10. Glad you are feeling better spoil, It is always good to get back to the hacking! Anywhoo, a few notes about your code. You shouldn't waste your time with writing the hexadecimal representations of the pins, instead use the predefined names (BIT0,BIT1,BIT2..etc). Also look into using boolean operators NOT,AND,XOR etc. To to turn on BIT1 on port 1 you can do P1OUT |= BIT1; Then to turn BIT1 off you would do P1OUT &= ~(BIT1); If you are toggling a bit inside of loop you can XOR it instead of explicitly turning it on and then off. P1OUT ^= BIT1;
  11. I have been working on a few different projects that could be described as wireless sensor nodes. Just to get something working I decided to hack a retail router to give my MSP430 wireless capabilities. The first step was to install OpenWRT Linux onto the router to make it configurable. After that I mounted the file system onto a flash drive that was using the built in USB port on the router. From there I broke out the convenient 3.3v serial connection and hooked it up to my MSP430. Currently I am working on a full write up that will include compiling OpenWRT from source and detailed step by
  12. Do you have the code working for that, or would you like some examples?
  13. Spoil9, here is a great post on controlling single servos all the way up to 8 servos using potentiometer and the ADC. http://forum.43oh.com/topic/252-launchpad-controlling-up-to-8-rc-servos/ Here is some code from my snippet library. When I find the website that I got it from I will make sure to update.
  14. Spoil9, "stop the dog" means stopping the MSP430's watchdog timer. Check out this link on the various MSP430 timers, including the watchdog. http://www.ti.com/lit/ml/slap113/slap113.pdf
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