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  1. There was an article in the last (May 2014) issue of Elektor magazin about a so called 3D pad capable of providing X,Y,Z co-ordinates. Probably it can be simplified for 2D.
  2. Hi, I was/am working with Freescale's MCUs. (HCS08/HCS12 families). I'm quite happy with CodeWarrior, especially with the new Eclipse based one. I also like the Processor Expert which is a really sophisticated and reliable tool, however the most attractive features/components require license. TI's Grace seems to be a nice start, but it is currently far from the reliability of Processor Expert and limited to the basic functionality of the peripherals (register configuration). Best regards, Laszlo
  3. Hi everyone, I'm from Hungary, Europe. I'm working as a design verification engineer busy with RTL level verification of peripheral modules for SoC solutions. If I can spend a little amount of my time I like to deal with micros. I'm really interested in the value line products of TI. I also have some experience with some other MCUs like Freescale's HCS08, HCS12 family, NXP's LPC families, TI's Stellaris family... I'm a hobbyist in this area and not a professional, but i hope I also can add a little to this community. Thanks and regards, Laszlo
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