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  1. So I'm not married to this exact product but I think its a good place to start. I want to buy something like this from ebay/alibab/mouser: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1000-pcs-5mm-UV-LED-Lamp-Ultra-Bright-Free-Resistors-/111096900333?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19dde42aed To eventually make something like this: http://www.hometone.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/indoor_herb_garden_addjk_24431_ah61r_vmvud.jpg Once I have the fixture set up, I want to use the msp430 to create a timer to turn the lights on and off. Also eventually I'd like to be able to measure thing
  2. Thanks for the response! I just did a quick google search of that product and it's definitely something I'll look more into. For the time being though, considering how simple the circuit and concept is, I really should know how to design a simple LED light system. I found a supplier on ebay that will include a 470 ohm resistor with each LED. I also found bare LED pcb's on alibaba for a pretty good price. The problem is I'm not really sure what I need to know in order to create we sturdy and safe fixture or what type of ballast I should use given the number of LEDs and thei
  3. Hey guys, I'm pretty new to this whole thing and I'm trying to complete a project. Like the title says, I want to create an MSP430 controlled LED fixture. I'm looking online at different LED's in bulk, bare PCB's and sets of resistors and I'm kind of overwhelmed with the different options. I was hoping someone here would be able to walk me through the process of selecting the components for this project.
  4. haha yea. I know I basically only copy and pasted someone else's code but it felt like a big achievement for me. Simpleavr was right. I searched the g2231.h file for the "TimerA0" and found it defined under "interrupt vectors" then searched "Interrupt Vectors" in the g2553.h file and found definitions for something called "Timer0_A0". Swapped the definitions and now its working. Well sort of. Im still working on calibrating it so that it reads temp a little more acurately. Right now its about 20 degrees F under. Hey btw, I found this tutorial for arduino and it seems to sp
  5. Ahh okay, I think I'm starting to understand. But I'm not sure how to intepret this: 14:#define RELAY BIT6 15:#define ADC_MODE_POT 1 16:#define ADC_MODE_TEMP 2 17:#define ADC_MODE_TEMP_CAL 4 18:#define ADC_MODE_TEMP_HOLD 8 19: 20:#define LCD_WIDTH 16 I assume that "bit 6" is bit 6 of port 1 since port 2 doesnt have a bit 6? But i'm really not sure what those other definitions are doing. Also, I copy and pasted the code but when I try to compile it I keep getting these two errors: Description Resource
  6. I just finished my LCD screen hello world project and now I'm trying to finish this sous vide cooker project I found. This is the website for the project: http://www.remotepinyon.com/old-speaker-msp430-sous-vide-controller/ I have all the parts but I'm having a little trouble understanding the directions. In the website, he links to 3 seperate code files, at the top of one the code files reads this: 1:/****************************************************************************** 2: * SousVide: Reads in Temperature Sensor and Temperature Set Point 3: * and toggles relay t
  7. Figured it out. I soldered two jumper cables to those two little holes in front of the usb port to give the screen and pot 5v directly. Works perfect now! So happy.
  8. also, I'm using an alpha b100k pot is this too large and the cause of my problem?
  9. okay just realized I had the gnd going to vcc. I hope I didnt fry the screen :/
  10. Hey guys. I'm working on my hello world project for the a 16X2 lcd screen and I'm having a few hang ups. First, This is the website that holds the code I'm using: https://sites.google.com/site/cacheattack/msp-projects/msp430-launchpad-with-lcd-module So far I've just copied that and pasted it into code composer studio and uploaded it to the chip. Seems like there were no problems there. Problem: I can't get anything to come up and stay on the screen. When I turn the pot I can find certain spots that will make parts of the LCD come alive but they don't say "hello wo
  11. Just checked and it seems like the only information I can find is the model number "HD44780" Google tells me this model can come anywhere from 3.3 to 5 volts. :/
  12. To be honest i bought it off ebay and cant remember if its 5v or not... :/ PentiumPC, I would love to try your example. How do I find it?
  13. running straight from the vcc, I can faintly see the squares on the top row. I think I made some kind of mistake somewhere along. Must be with the connections since the code was lifted from a website. Not sure though...
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