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  1. We use a fine mesh net above the pond and anchored on the edges with bricks to keep the critters at bay. It also helps keep leaf debris out of the pond. The pond isn't as pretty but the goldfish are thriving. They have been up to alot of mischief going from 6 to almost 20 in a year. It really must bug the critters that they can't get to the fish since the net all but invisible in the dark.
  2. It took some time to get the camera in right spot and of course, match my "visitor's" schedule. One thing I have learned is that the flash in a small cameras isn't all that powerful and only lights a short range. Early on I got a long shot (very poor lighting) of a raccoon. Here is a much better shot of my visitor last night.
  3. I trying to use the button count code with a Sparkfun backpack and 4x20 lcd. I use the gcc compiler and got a good compile (changed out the __delay_cycles() ) except for an "invalid use of void" Here is the code snip // Update the button press count, and toggle LEDs, when the button is pressed #ifdef __MSP430__ interrupt (PORT1_VECTOR) PORT_1 (void) { #else #pragma vector=PORT1_VECTOR __interrupt void PORT1_ISR(void) { #endif buttonPresses++; P1OUT ^= BIT0; P1OUT ^= BIT6; P1IFG = 0; // clear interrupt __bic_SR_register_on_exit(LPM
  4. Thank you, paradug, for a great project that stimulated my efforts. I have a fish pond that has been visited by "critters" and reduced my fish population. I wanted to find out who the critters were. My version of this critter cam is based on an Argus DC3185 I got on ebay. The camera is 3.2 mega pixel with an auto flash. And can use a 512 Meg SD card with computer download. Instead of the air wick PIR I used a Parallax PIR. Your code was great and easy to modify. Changes I had to do for the Argus included -- removing the mode commands -- several time delay changes to match the Argus
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