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  1. This is pretty awesome! I'm working on a design that uses the f5172 right now but haven't prototyped it out yet, this would be perfect for that! I was planning to mess around with code on my fram dev board until I got a pcb ordered. Thanks for posting all the design files and even some example sources, this is going to be helpful for me. Awesome job!
  2. Hey all, just wanted to share some code and a sweet picture of a QR code that was generated on an msp430fr5739: I'm working on a larger project that needed this functionality so I thought a proof of concept before I got too far into this was in order. While the pixels on the LCD I'm using (Nokia 5110 / PCD8544) aren't quite square, this code scans fine on my phone (Nexus 4). Anyways it uses the qrduino library to generate the code and some pcd8544 library for the lcd display. I briefly attempted to get this running on a g2553 but didn't quite manage it. The code is at https://
  3. Just wanted to say I got my boards safe and sound, and thanks a lot for the FTDI stuff! Cheers, -Andrew
  4. Hello from Winnipeg. I'm an embedded software developer. Most of my day job does not involve msp430 (although it does come up from time to time), but I try to use it in my hobby projects because I really love the platform. I'm not too much into forums but I'm always on the irc channel, so come say hi. Cheers, -Andrew
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