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  1. On reset, VTABLE equals 0. This means the processor looks for the vector table beginning at memory address 0. You need a valid table there, so on powerup the processor knows where to go. Put the address of a reset handler in flash address 4. It can load your new table on RAM and point VTABLE there. Any exceptions after that will look at your RAM table for handlers.
  2. Yep. Works fine, although I had to compile newlib instead of using the provided libc/libm.
  3. Hi. I got my code for a USB mouse working by comparing it with an example for another board. One of the things I had to change was increasing the stack size from 64 to 160 by changing the size of the pulStack vector in startup_gcc.c . I was wondering how I can diagnose that problem in the future, since I didn't get any warnings that the stack size was insufficient. As a side-note, I wasn't putting any large structures in the stack, so it's probably the Mouse Driver API that takes a bunch of stack space.
  4. Thanks a lot, that worked perfectly! Also, by looking at the LM3S9D90 example I realized why my code didn't work. I was using code snippets from the mouse API docs, but I forgot to set the USB interrupt handler to USB0DeviceIntHandler. It's just crazy how much attention you have to pay to the *all* of the documentation in order to get it to work. Edit: setting the interrupt handler got me as far as enumerating. I had to increase the stack size from 64 to 160 to make it work completely. Edit2: I uploaded the example files in case anyone's interested
  5. Yes, the provided binary worked. On a related note, does someone have the example for the Mouse Device library? It's mentioned in the documentation but it's not in the stellaris package.
  6. Hi there. I'm having trouble getting the usb_dev_serial example to work. It compiles and flashes fine, but when I plug it in with the "Device" port, it doesn't work. The device gives its Device descriptor just fine, but the Configuration descriptor and one of the String descriptors are malformed. Edit: it seems the binary that came with the example works OK. I'll try to figure out what makes the binary I compiled fail enumeration. Edit2: Downloaded the codesourcery toolchain and it compiles the example correctly. These are the last few lines of dmesg: This is the Wireshark summa
  7. The LM4F120H5QR datasheet mentions external RAM / external SRAM in a couple of places but it doesn't show any pins with this function. Anyone know if RAM expansion might be possible?
  8. The datasheet mentions external RAM / external SRAM in a couple of places but it doesn't seem to have pins with that function.
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