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    I'm not really sure how a piezo works, but i think you just power it and it generates sound, so no PWM is needed.
    I also made a twist to the annoyatron on https://github.com/sergiocampama/Launch ... Annoyatron
    it now works only in low power mode, i don't really like whiles to wait. I also set the PIEZO as the green led, because i don't have a piezo with me right now, but changing it to the actual pin is trivial
    proper credit given to this post
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    hi again,
    fixed my code ^^
    brian: do you use piezo that automaticly generates a sound? because your code just turn port 1.6 on, then off without any PWM
    second: as the code uses timerA, can i use a value line device with only one timer to generate sound AND timing with one Timer ?
    anyway, here is my code, which is completly based on brians code
    it uses an http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linear_feedback_shift_register to generate the delays and silly wait loops to generate PWM.
    have fun
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    Yeah, it's not a very interesting video. The point is to stash it near a co-worker or something along those lines and over time these beeps will start compounding in their minds and annoying them. Ideally you will want to have a speaker at an annoying frequency.
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