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    clay_shooter got a reaction from spirilis in Using SysTicks to get interrupt callbacks?   
    Thanks for the help. That was easy.  My MSP430 timer callback now works on the stellaris. 
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    clay_shooter got a reaction from manhdan in Porting MSTimer2   
    I've ported a version of MsTimer2 to the Energia / MSP430 environment. Its called TwoMsTimer and it provides a way to get a method called on regular intervals, as fast as once very two msec. You just create a TwoMsTimer object passing in the (void) method that you want called and TwoMsTimer will take care of the rest. The timer relies on Timer 1 in a way that is compatible with PWM letting you use the Timer 1 PWM pins and get timed function invocation. It is named TwoMsTimer because the PWM CCR0 interrupt rate is about 500Hz giving us 2 msec resolution.
    You can find the sample code and a demo showing how it works on http://joe.blog.freemansoft.com/2012/09/msp430-fading-and-other-long-running.html
    The code is really simple with no "if define" behavior for different processors. I've only tested it on the Launchpad with the 2553 processor.
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