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  1. Thank you. The first project should be to write something on it. Maybe a spectrum analyzer would be a very good application of this display, but it is definitively a later project - when I have time for it. Anyway, this one seems to be a good starting point: http://43oh.com/2011/08/fft-on-the-msp430f2618/
  2. I forgot to mention that Firmware Updater in USBDevelopersPackage (http://software-dl.ti.com/msp430/msp430_public_sw/mcu/msp430/MSP430_USB_Developers_Package/4_00_02/index_FDS.html) or simply Python_Firmware_Upgrader also work after corrected slashes/backslashes in BSL path. So I modified the following line in TargetGUI.py file: to this line: Anyway, I'm currently don't know what are 5529_CDC_echo.txt and 5529_HID_echo.txt good for (what they exactly do), but 5529_LED_Blink.txt works well, so it does its job. Maybe it helps somebody. Edit: This modification only needed
  3. I have put this board into its box for a while, but today I played a little bit and just set it up under Linux using msp-gcc. I had to recompile mspdebug (http://mspdebug.sourceforge.net/), compile boost (http://www.boost.org/), hidapi (https://github.com/signal11/hidapi/downloads) and tilib (http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/MSPDS_Open_Source_Package) in order to work. In the latter, I had an error during compile, which had to be corrected by adding "#include <stdio.h>" include file to DLL430_v3/src/TI/DLL430/EnergyTrace_TSPA/EnergyTraceProcessorId7.h header. Now I can c
  4. I have received mine yesterday. As I would like to use it under Linux, I am disappointed. Downloadable software for Linux does the same as the one for Windows - extracts the same softwares (mostly for Windows). I feel it would be much simpler using a compressed file for both systems in this case... I've wanted to try out the Python BSL updater tool under Linux, which has found the hardware, could erase the firmware, but instead of reprogramming it, I've got some error messages. Also tried the same Python code using provided executable on Windows XP (although it is a virtualized syst
  5. I would be happy if it could do at least this on frequencies below 1 GHz for $24.99, but its frequency range is only a part of the mentioned SUB-1GHz range (27.2%). I'm sad.
  6. Thanks for your work on this plugin to get MSP430 correctly usable under Linux.
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