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    tushki7 reacted to enl in What is your workplace wall colour?   
    My spaces are a mix: Upstairs, in the office, layout table and drafting table require a lot of light, so walls, ceiling, all medium white semigloss. Good north light (this room is why I bought the  house)
    Basement is a mix of white, tan, brown, blu, and whatever, much left from the previous owner. I have repainted as I feel like it, starting with the exposed rafters. Repaint is leftover white from upstairs, ahere appropriate, and white/light grey drylok on the concrete. That space is used for electronics, woodwork, and machine work lathe/drill press/etc) so needs a lot of light. Small, but not boxy
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    Mine is off white with a bright white ceiling, but I have a lot of natural light. It's about 3mx3m.
    Plain white in a small room makes it seem boxy and under fluorescent lighting the corners look grey. I would recommend a stronger wall colour. It will also show less dirt and help cover imperfections in the surface. Work rooms are high traffic so ideally you want at least semi gloss finish for durability. Ceiling can be matt white.
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    tushki7 reacted to Fred in What is your workplace wall colour?   
    Mine is just as a real man's workplace should be - bare brickwork (with an estop to kill all the power if something goes seriously wrong and a fire extinguisher within reach).
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    ... wrought iron rings attached to the walls, blood stained chopping block, bottomless pit...
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    tushki7 reacted to rockets4kids in What is your workplace wall colour?   
    Bright white is always best at making small rooms appear larger and providing the best light to work by.
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    tushki7 reacted to bluehash in Members will now be warned for incorrect post content format.   
    @@pjkim Thanks for your view. 
    Although downloaders have nothing to contribute, they are still using the service for free. Registering takes under 30 seconds. It is true only 2000 of the 20,000 members are active. Is it that bad to have a large user base? 
    This community runs on servers. Servers need money to run. Having a larger userbase allows me to get in advertisers. Also, this is not always cash. These advertisers either pay or give products for giveaways, which in turn attracts more people who can contribute and post content.  Plus there is cost of domains, licenses, design content, shipping giveaway prizes, sponsoring bossterpacks etc.
    Having them to register benefits the whole community.
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    tushki7 reacted to spirilis in What are you doing right now..?   
    Well regardless, looks like I was successful!

    Anyway, short story is... Newlib implements the typical POSIX crap for stdio, like open(), close(), write(), read() and stdio like fopen, fclose, fprintf, printf ...
    But the bottom line is, it leaves the implementation of the generics open(), close(), write(), read() etc (a few it needs in addition; isatty() and lseek()) to the end-user.  If you make use of any of the stdio crap like fopen, printf ... GCC will crash with linker errors that it can't find the requisite _open(), _close() etc symbols.
    So I got a simple driver together (based on something I did for the Renesas RX, based on something else I saw written up about newlib stubs) that takes filenames and provides file descriptors... using a lookup table including struct's that have a const char *name it can compare the "filename" to to see if that driver has what the user wants.  In this instance, the Nokia 1202 driver I wrote responds to filenames "LCD" and "LCDBACKLIT" by running nokia1202_init() and/or nokia1202_backlight(true), then returns STDOUT_FILENO as its return value.  Then running printf("Hi there!") suddenly "just works".  E.g. the pic I just posted
    Here's the TivaWare program I just wrote (a bit ugly since it uses in-line SysTick stuff to implement the RESET delay)-
    /* nokia1202.c */ // needed for driverlib rom stuff #define TARGET_IS_BLIZZARD_RA1 1 #include <stdio.h> #include <stdint.h> #include <stdbool.h> #include "inc/tm4c123gh6pm.h" #include "inc/hw_types.h" #include "inc/hw_memmap.h" #include "driverlib/sysctl.h" #include "driverlib/rom.h" #include "driverlib/rom_map.h" #include "driverlib/pin_map.h" #include "driverlib/gpio.h" #include "driverlib/ssi.h" #include "nokia1202_drv.h" #include "ste2007.h" #include "font_5x7.h" int main() { MAP_SysCtlClockSet(SYSCTL_SYSDIV_2_5 | SYSCTL_USE_PLL | SYSCTL_OSC_MAIN | SYSCTL_XTAL_16MHZ); // 80MHz CPU; speed is calculated as 200MHz/SYSDIV // SPI, GPIO config for Nokia 1202 LCD MAP_SysCtlPeripheralEnable(SYSCTL_PERIPH_GPIOA); MAP_SysCtlPeripheralEnable(SYSCTL_PERIPH_GPIOB); MAP_GPIOPinTypeGPIOOutput(GPIO_PORTA_BASE, GPIO_PIN_5 | GPIO_PIN_6); // Default chipselect state = HIGH (deselect), default backlight = LOW (OFF) MAP_GPIOPinWrite(GPIO_PORTA_BASE, GPIO_PIN_5 | GPIO_PIN_6, GPIO_PIN_5); MAP_GPIOPinConfigure(GPIO_PB4_SSI2CLK); MAP_GPIOPinConfigure(GPIO_PB6_SSI2RX); MAP_GPIOPinConfigure(GPIO_PB7_SSI2TX); MAP_GPIOPinTypeSSI(GPIO_PORTB_BASE, (GPIO_PIN_4 | GPIO_PIN_6 | GPIO_PIN_7)); MAP_SysCtlPeripheralEnable(SYSCTL_PERIPH_SSI2); MAP_SSIConfigSetExpClk(SSI2_BASE, MAP_SysCtlClockGet(), SSI_FRF_MOTO_MODE_0, SSI_MODE_MASTER, 4000000, 9); MAP_SSIEnable(SSI2_BASE); // Need at least 250ms reset + 250ms wait before Nokia LCD is ready to receive commands ROM_SysTickPeriodSet(80000*125); ROM_SysTickIntDisable(); HWREG(NVIC_ST_CURRENT_R) = 1; ROM_SysTickEnable(); while (ROM_SysTickValueGet() < 10000) ; while (ROM_SysTickValueGet() > 10000) ; ROM_SysTickDisable(); HWREG(NVIC_ST_CURRENT_R) = 1; ROM_SysTickEnable(); while (ROM_SysTickValueGet() < 10000) ; while (ROM_SysTickValueGet() > 10000) ; ROM_SysTickDisable(); MAP_GPIOPinWrite(GPIO_PORTA_BASE,GPIO_PIN_6,GPIO_PIN_6); // drive LCD_RESET HIGH pulling LCD out of RESET HWREG(NVIC_ST_CURRENT_R) = 1; ROM_SysTickEnable(); while (ROM_SysTickValueGet() < 10000) ; while (ROM_SysTickValueGet() > 10000) ; ROM_SysTickDisable(); HWREG(NVIC_ST_CURRENT_R) = 1; ROM_SysTickEnable(); while (ROM_SysTickValueGet() < 10000) ; while (ROM_SysTickValueGet() > 10000) ; ROM_SysTickDisable(); // Display ready for init fopen("LCDBACKLIT", "w"); printf("Hi there, using printf!\n"); //nokia1202_puts("Hi there!\n"); while(1) ; } Main thing to note is the last little part
    I requested the library initialize the LCD simply by using fopen("LCDBACKLIT", "w");.
    Slowly pondering the utility of implementing all my programs using these sort of primitives... like a very lightweight O/S layer for my stuff.
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    tushki7 reacted to jpnorair in RF books suggestion   
    I assume you want good introductory books rather than masters-level textbooks.  I learned RF & Communications in an academic setting, so I cannot help you much there.  My favorite book in that genre is: Principles of Communications: Rodger E. Ziemer, William H. Tranter.  It is excellent, but it's very mathy and best suited for coursework.
    However, I did need to teach myself antennas. I can recommend one for antennas: Antenna and EM Modeling with Matlab: Sergey Makarov.  It does not go too deep into the theoretical calculus or the theoretical mathematic models used to describe antennas.  Instead it has lots of Matlab examples, so I found it to be very accessible.  I also like Amazon.com: Electrically Small, Superdirective, and Superconducting Antennas, which is more suited as a reference to a ton of research work on small antennas, and it provides some basic "do's and don'ts."  If you are interested in PCB antennas for sub 1-GHz, I would recommend it.  If you care more about 2.4 GHz, then forget it, just search the web for "inverted-F antenna" and "dipole antenna" and that's all you'll probably ever need unless you want to do crazy stuff.
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    tushki7 reacted to abecedarian in Suggest Online seller - 160 segment lcd   
    Also maybe use search terms like 'sub panel' or 'sub meter'.
    Think like a land owner renting out space in the back yard and wants to charge the tenant for electricity, and needs a meter / panel for that.
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    tushki7 reacted to chicken in Suggest Online seller - 160 segment lcd   
    I would search on Ebay for:
    [meter brand and/or model] replacement lcd [meter brand and/or model] replacement display
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    tushki7 reacted to spirilis in Suggest Online seller - 160 segment lcd   
    I'm not sure how you source those, but they look custom-spec since there are custom letters/chars of different sizes.
    I figure us mere mortals have to deal with graphical bitmap LCDs, well that or character LCDs if it fits the bill.
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    tushki7 reacted to bluehash in Greetings from India   
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    tushki7 reacted to Rubi in Olimex Swd Adapter give away   
    I routed a small adapter board for the Olimex Msp 430 Jtag Iso programmer.
    Adapter board:
    The board is based on this schematic:
    Since I don't need all three boards I would give one away for free if someone is interested.
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    tushki7 reacted to spirilis in Greetings from India   
    Yes, yes I did.
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    tushki7 got a reaction from spirilis in Greetings from India   
    Ahaha.. If someone press thank tab by mistake, let it be. It will make someone happy. 
    Now I am here and I will Thank people for no reason(say for replying me on my thread), There you go.. Did you liked my Thanks?
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    tushki7 reacted to dubnet in Greetings from India   
    It is 2:45am....oops I just clicked on the wrong "thanks!" button....what to do???  Oh, I can un-thank....whew!
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    Totally!  Now post some more  Hehe
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