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  1. That's Sounds even more Great .. I am desperate now.. Please let me see Your walls, rooms .. Please upload Pic's ... I am going to finalize my room colour tomorrow !!
  2. Wow.. great, I like your ideas. Can you post some pics of your workplace? If that doesn't bother you.
  3. Greetings, I am thinking of Painting my Workplace(small room where I work with my soldering iron & other components ) walls but I'm little confused about colour to choose. It is a small room of dimensions 10x10. So Suggest me colour or you can post Pics of your home work room. I would love to see your workplace (Home room) wherever you work and I like messy things
  4. I think I have posted my congratulations on the same contest page. lol Anyways, Congratulations VaZso, Now make something sweet & shiny. Good Luck )
  5. Greetings, I am new to radio frequency field, I want to learn & work on RF modules. So please suggest this rookie some books and make him expert. Also suggest some books(or ebook links) about antenna, antenna design .. Thanks in advance
  6. Greetings, Where can I buy 160/320 segment LCD? Suggest me any online seller for the same. Thank you !!
  7. Sob sob.. Congrats @@seadon.. Hey bluehash, if he does not ping you I wont mind having that wifly-boosterpack Cheers !!!
  8. Ahaha.. see, I made some one happy. If everyone Do the same, there will be happiness all around us and eventually it will come back to me and make me happy. Making another person happy is one of the noblest acts you can do.
  9. Ahaha.. If someone press thank tab by mistake, let it be. It will make someone happy. Now I am here and I will Thank people for no reason(say for replying me on my thread), There you go.. Did you liked my Thanks?
  10. I am seeing many different things here unlike other forums.. Now, why is there un thank tab. Why would some one un thank, when he/she already thanked . Lol, It will be like : Ahhh you have been thanked enough, now I'll un thank you!!!
  11. Isn't this " Noob class " little bit humiliating?
  12. Just want to wish a very "Happy New year" to all 43oh forum Members, Moderator, and Admins. Cheers
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