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  1. gordon


    Just remember... no killy jsolarski... no killy jsolarski... again...
  2. Almost, but that is getting quite workable now. I could kiss you. Metaphorically.
  3. No, it's that the above js makes everything a hot spot in the mobile interface. Which is good if you are actually on a mobile phone, I guess. But whatever, I have filtered a couple of javascripts, now at least it doesn't do random things. Anything like active topics in the old forum? No, "new content" by far isn't what active topics was. Active topics was a sort order -- you still got all of the index with unread posts marked. "New content" is a filter.
  4. Ah, http://forum.43oh.com/public/js/mobile_touch.js With that gone at least the foam is back in my mouth.
  5. Is there some way (another skin or a list of javascripts I could block or whatever) to make this shiny javascripty Web2.0 abomination go away? I may be whiny, but trying to simply select a piece of text making me go in places I never even knew existed isn't very... nice. I am already using the mobile skin, but even this is bordering on being unusable. Or should I say, this is bordering on being usable, but isn't quite there yet.
  6. ... and make an array of three radio buttons to choose from: Microchip, Atmel, Renesas. Those who complain, pass.
  7. This was working a couple of days back... Load on a LaunchPad, poke button. Scratch that, I didn't notice the Energia part. You could still adapt, though. #include #include #include #define LED BIT6 #define BUTTON BIT3 #define DEBUG #undef DEBUG #ifdef DEBUG #define DEBUGLED BIT0 #endif void __attribute__((interrupt (PORT1_VECTOR))) port1_isr(void); void __attribute__((interrupt (WDT_VECTOR))) wdt_isr(void); #define PWM_PERIOD 128 static const uint16_t brightness_levels[] = { 0, 6, 23, 56, PWM_PERIOD }; #define n_brightness_levels ( sizeof( brightness_levels ) / sizeo
  8. Thread got me interested, and here's something that I bumped across, might be useful to your application as well: Theory and Applications of the MC34063 and
  9. Welcome to the wonderful world of TI Websites. Get used to it *G*...
  10. viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2207 viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2240
  11. Why, you are used to that aren't you :) *SCNR*
  12. You can use MSPDebug (I think it can be integrated into CCS, but if not, you can use it separately). No USB FET support in Linux CCS, this fact is noted (I was going to say "prominently" but now I can't find it, so perhaps not that prominently ) in the release notes. Or on the TI wiki. Or someplace else. Anyway, case in point, no TI support, yes MSPDebug support.
  13. P1REN |= BUTTON; Also, make blink volatile.
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