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  1. Hello, I am trying to analogWrite on the RGB leds, with energia. Appearently this can be done, as the original came with a demo program of this sort. Also the documentation of energia, the hardware documentation states that this RGB led pins are indeed analogWritable (purple) But when i try to use analogWrite - it will either take a 0 or 1 position, and no PWM will be outputted. It works as expected with digital output. Any ideas? Best Regards, -C.B.
  2. yes support for the stellaris would be great. for some reason i think energia is going to be better and bigger then the original arduino. best
  3. hello, what is the highest end msp430 i can use with energia and launchpad? i need more ram, speed and i/o. what would it take to port energia to more sophisticated boards/cpu's? I think arduino runs nicer on TI hardware. For example will it be possible to run arduino on a board like MSP430F149/430? if it would be that would be awesome. and if not how much work is required in order to do it? best
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