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  1. Rob, wondering if you can help - and I will try to PM you with some non public details as well. we are close to releasing a new production version of a particular msp430 design, and as part of the change in features, we are using a new ST7735S display as supplied by Seeed. Supposedly the screen is a ST7735S based display, with screen design JYT144003-T01. Unfortunately when we received the manufactured assembly from Seeed, it turns out the flex connector for the screen is reversed from the spec. That's ok for now, have been able to reconnect it backwards, and using the library you
  2. It's a shift towards commercial applications, as in 100,000's of sensors for a single product line, while still keeping the DIY people happy. Maybe the name will grow on us.
  3. I do have a developer working with me, but he is away for a while, and I have been trying to resolved a flash issue we have been having. I am completely stumped. Any thoughts would be welcomed. All values being stored are integers. Using a 430g2553; I can read flash just fine (we had loaded flash data onto the mcu much much earlier in the development path) - here is an example: int *pflash = ( int *) 0x1000; // pointer into data flash settings.checkPumpTurnedOnDelay = *pflash++; settings.pumpOnTestDelay = *pflash++; settings.longSleepDelay = *pflash++; settings.pressure
  4. Thanks Larsie. I have the LCD Touch V2 (with the correct label for pin 2.0). I can have a look in the morning to work out where to pick up the backlight connector, although I wont complain if you have a quick answer
  5. Lars, have you any thoughts on switching the backlight on / off via io? BTW I used a 220 ohn resistor - still seems bright enough.
  6. I just thought this was a good deal (end of season clearance) 2 x butterflies, solar powered led garden nightlights, for $3.99 - very very cheap and a good source of parts for those into it. @ Menards in Ohio anyway.
  7. mp3h6115ac6u is a 16psi pressure sensor rated 3.3v, 8ma, with just Vs, Vout and GND connections. I am heading to ultra low power operation, where the sensor only needs to be activated every few days, and then only for 50ms once every 10 minutes. So I want to be able to turn off the sensor in between measurements. For the short term, can I just supply voltage to the sensor by turning on a IO? I guess long term I will need to use the IO to activate a switched LDO so I can ensure I have a stable supply voltage to have calibrated results? Very early in my learning curve!
  8. Another noob here - ex arduino. We manufacture graywater and rainwater irrigation systems, and need to develop process monitors and controllers in lower power environments - hence the need for the 430. Wish Me Luck - yet another learing curve :!!!: Paul James Just Water Savers USA
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