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  1. Aha i see, now the TLC is updated with 4bit data, for 2 leds at a time to make it 8 bit for the spi, right? And to dim it in 256 steps, you need to send 8bit data per led? But what if i want to dim in a range of 4096? that is 12 bit data, and spi is 8 bit.
  2. Thanks RobG for your example code, it worked the first time But i was trying to modify the code to dim the leds in a range from 0 to 255, but it isn't working. I just set the value of the led in the array, so leds[0] = 0 to leds[0] = 255, there is some difference, but it's not smooth, and no 256 steps. What am i doing wrong :oops:?
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