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  1. Did i mention am a complete amateur with no knowledge on electronics? But i have a 104 capacitor between VCC and GND and a 22K resistor from VCC to Reset I know the power source is fine because when it was on the Launchpad i unplugged USB and used the 3V power source to VCC and GND and it ran fine. Where and what else should put?
  2. Hi so I coded a LED matrix for a heart shape because i had 24 Leds and 10 IO pins. I have most things working. it was successful about 90% of the tries when i had everything attached to my LaunchPad However, since i moved it to a board, about 95% of the time i turn it on, random LEDs light up fully and do not turn off or turn on twice when operating (i can tell because it's dimmer when it's normal operations and brighter when something is wrong). These LEDs that act off are completely random everytime i close my switch. Help? Any ideas what can be the problem? Here is my code
  3. Hi i have a problem. when my microcontroller (G2211) is on the progammer, the launch pad, the microcontroller runs fine. even when i don't use the USB power source and use a 3V power source connected to VCC and GND on the board it works fine. But when I move the microcontroller onto a board and use the same 3V power source, it doesn't work anymore and doesn't do anything. Can anyone please help me asap.
  4. Hi, so I just ordered my Launchpad but I have like zero knowledge on how to code the chip. It's a 10IO chip MSP430G2211 and I plan on creating a matrix to light up 24 LEDs (4x6). I am not making a LED display, but a shape(say a rectangle) from the LEDs and trying to get it to perform pattern sequences However, i don't know how to scan the matrix to make it look like individual LEDs are lighting up. So can anyone help me or provide me with source code for this? and also anyone teach me how would i control the LEDs to light up.
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