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  1. Hola les muestro mi primer proyecto con MSP430 LaunchPad es un simple LCD 16X2 #include #include "LCD_v1.h" #define LED1 BIT0 #define LED2 BIT6 #define B1 BIT3 //void setup(void); unsigned char i; typedef char* cadena; int main(void) { cadena string; WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; // Stop watchdog timer BCSCTL1 = CALBC1_1MHZ; // Set range DCOCTL = CALDCO_1MHZ; P1REN = 0x00; P1SEL = 0x00; P1IE = 0x00; Inicializa_LCD(); while(1){ Comando_LCD(CLEAR); Dato_String_LCDEx(LN1," HOLA MUNDO "); Dato_String_LCDEx(LN2, " **MSP430** "); delay_ms(2000); Comando_LCD(CLEAR); Da
  2. hello my name is Alejandro Garcia , I'm from Mexico City and I am an engineer in electronics and communications, my short time working only pics I've used the microchip, I started programming with PIC16F PIC18 then and now the pics32mx, I have developed different types of hardware, my greatest achievement has been a board with color screen 7-inch touch screen with USB host, the heart of the board is a microcontroller pic32mx512. I have had many desepciones with picsm :cry: and now I want to start using IT mics, I bought my MSP430 Launchpad and a clock eZ430-Chronosy soon acquire a STER
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