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  1. The launchpad is $9.99 now?! Wow, I've been gone for some time...

    1. bluehash


      Yes.. and a new one too.

  2. Just returned after a long period of inactivity.

  3. Is it just me or does anyone else prefer MSP430 architecture over the Stellaris architecture?

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    2. abecedarian


      What bothers me is that natural language programming hasn't yet grown legs.

      Why can't I say "When TimerA equals 1024 store ADCSample1 in X"?

    3. L.R.A


      Its much more dificult to me to read a stellaris microcontroler datasheet than any msp430. Probaly 100x more dificult.

      In msp430 i can easily find the registers and data about timers or anytigh.

      I liked msp430 assemble

    4. buzztiaan


      man, i -love- the lm4f

  4. After waiting months... The Stellaris Launchpad finally arrived.

  5. Just got my unpopulated Launchpad PCBs. Time to frame them...

  6. 3 weeks until my launchpads ship

  7. DealExtreme: The new (cheaper) SparkFun?

  8. Waiting for the Launchpads.....

  9. Applying to work at SparkFun Electronics