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  1. Any plans for the TI ARM compiler (Or any other TI compiler) to support the latest C version, C11 (Was known as C1X)?
  2. Still a work in progress. The Stellaris To Breaboard BoosterPack allows you to use your Stellaris LaunchPad in a breadboard (a double wide one). Stacks on the bottom
  3. It would seem like the headers are stacking... I would hope they would only have one set of the stacking headers so it could fit into a breadboard. but that isn't the case. However an adapter isn't hard to make ether, might just design one.
  4. I believe TI supports Energia, as they support me.
  5. The brand. ST doesn't exactly care about hobbyists, makers, or [insert_title_here]. Generally TI has better IDEs, Better documentation, and excellent support even if you are a [insert_title_here]. Plus the Stellaris LaunchPad should be able to fit in a breadboard (hopefully) A powerful hardware platform is useless if you don't know how to use it.
  6. I think i may have to many open projects to even think of another one.
  7. That's a Big box (Probably for the female headers on the bottom), Any idea what the emulator is, perhaps a reprogrammed Ez430? Any software included in the box? Is the silicon production or experimental? One or two USB cables? More importantly, any stickers?
  8. I'm not sure about adding the Raspberry Pi... It's not exactly a microcontroller.development board (And it would tip the scales dramatically ).
  9. Yup. Just trying to figure out how to embed the HTML page in the post.
  10. So what happens if one orders it? :think:
  11. I've probably should of drawn that better, I see how it could be interpreted in many ways. The MSP430 would be an onboard co-processor on the terminal boosterpack handling capacitive touch and the LED & ALS. I'd call it "The Terminal+"
  12. Digikey has worked with olimex to stock their dev boards, and out of the 84 is the olimexino-5510 for $16 ! http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/e ... ND/3471378
  13. Hello everyone! Can't wait to get my hands on a Stellaris Launchpad!
  14. Seems like the TI MSP430 Compiler (V4.1.1) prefers using EABI now over the legacy COFF ABI. Any advantage on using EABI for small memory size devices? From what i've seen it prefers to use Flash over ram. Optimization level 4, Optimize for size (0). COFF ABI: Text: 534 bytes Data: 46 bytes EABI: Text: 670 bytes Data: 12 bytes
  15. Well, yes i did get it routed and all, but lost the design files to it. It's on my to-do list.
  16. It seems like life has a habit of plaguing me with adversity. Chances are i won't be active on 43oh or projects for about a month. Regards, Matthew
  17. Changed the design a bit: Fuse has been replaced with a 4 amp PTC. Enhanced reverse voltage protection. No voltage drop. Schematic fixes. Almost done with layout.
  18. Still need to calculate some resistor values, etc...
  19. MotorPack 4 CH motor controller booster pack The MotorPack Booster Pack is a 4 CH motor controller based off the DRV8830 from Texas Instruments. Key Features Drive up to 4 DC motors at 1A per channel (External power supply is required) Easy and IO saving I2C interface (Only 3 GPIO pins required) Motor Fault Detection Stackable! (Hopefully) Status: PCB Routing I'm rerouting the PCB for the addition of the address select logic
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