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  1. MattTheGeek

    MSP430F5529 hardware implementation - review request

    Have you read the system integration manual for the GSM radio? if not, give it a read here (pay close attention to chapter two). The GSM radio is fairly picky. Are those sensors on breakout boards? That's all i can see right now, i'll take a more detailed look later. Design I'd recommend adding a reset switch for your MSP430. You need ESD protection for the SIM card. Any reason you need or want the DHT22? I really don't trust that sensor line for accurate measurements. Switch your UART line! It should look like this: _MSP430__ _GSM RADIO_ | | | | | | TX -> RX | | | | RX <- TX | | |_________| |____________| Crystal C2 and C3 are not needed. The UCS provides load capacitors up to 12pF. In fact that 32Khz crystal is not really needed. The UCS has a REFO clock source that can provide a 32Khz clock signal. I'd still would leave the crystal footprint in though so that it could be added at a later time if required. Power I would recommend replacing C7 with a 100uF tantalum capacitor. That GSM radio requires a lot of power when transmitting. Also consider providing reverse current protection if you think it may happen. the GSM radio does not have any reverse current protection. Follow the recommendations on reducing noise and EMI from the radio, as this could affect your analog components. The reset line seems to be really susceptible to EMI.
  2. The launchpad is $9.99 now?! Wow, I've been gone for some time...

    1. bluehash


      Yes.. and a new one too.

  3. MattTheGeek

    Heart Beat Counter [on LCD] - msp430g2553

    Have you considered turning it into a pulse oximeter? You just need to add another LED/Photodiode pair in red along with an additional AFE.
  4. MattTheGeek

    10 ways to kill an MSP430 launchpad?

    Do you mean a rule sheet specific to the MSP430 or a rugged MSP430 development board? In any case, replacing the MSP430 or launchpad might be a cheaper solution. Wouldn't a darlington transistor pair work as well?
  5. MattTheGeek

    Calling for Wiki(The 43oh Library) Volunteers

    Did, same username.
  6. MattTheGeek

    Calling for Wiki(The 43oh Library) Volunteers

    Hi bluehash, I'd like to help out with the wiki.
  7. Just returned after a long period of inactivity.

  8. There isn't any device crippling bugs, but there are some that may be annoying now and perhaps later in the future. But Just out of curiosity, Did anyone get a XMS430G2231 or XMS430G2211 when the MSP430 value line LaunchPad first came out? The only development/eval kit from TI that had experimental silicon was the Chronos.
  9. Is it just me or does anyone else prefer MSP430 architecture over the Stellaris architecture?

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    2. abecedarian


      What bothers me is that natural language programming hasn't yet grown legs.

      Why can't I say "When TimerA equals 1024 store ADCSample1 in X"?

    3. L.R.A


      Its much more dificult to me to read a stellaris microcontroler datasheet than any msp430. Probaly 100x more dificult.

      In msp430 i can easily find the registers and data about timers or anytigh.

      I liked msp430 assemble

    4. buzztiaan


      man, i -love- the lm4f

  10. You can try returning the launchpad, since you have a LX4F and not a LM4F. "Should this evaluation board/kit not meet the specifications indicated in the User’s Guide, the board/kit may be returned within 30 days from the date of delivery for a full refund." (See http://www.ti.com/lit/ml/sszz027b/sszz027b.pdf)
  11. I got experimental silicon as well. Makes for a better collector item.
  12. After waiting months... The Stellaris Launchpad finally arrived.

  13. It took a while... but it finally got here!
  14. Free shipping from SparkFun, and Pololu's black friday sale.
  15. Just got my unpopulated Launchpad PCBs. Time to frame them...