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  1. According to TI all devices come preprogrammed with a bootloader: :clap: Posted by Jens-Michael Gross replied on 06-09-2011 6:35 PM Guru61000 Points Adi Zholkover: some mSP430F55xxx devices come with pre-programmed USB BSL ? No, all MSPs with integrated USB controller have one. Most of the others have a serial BSL. Only the G series has none at all.
  2. Thanks SugarAddict for your reply. When you take a deeper look, consider the board to operate from a 3.3V Vreg, not USB powered. And I will want to program it via the JTAG connection, not through the boot loader. So, in this case do I even need the crystals at all, and what do I do with the PUR input? Did this clarify I obfuscate?
  3. Hey SugarAddict (and RobG, Zeke and other guys in this thread) I have some questions about the F5529 USB usage on e2e. Greg Whitmore posted a reply with a link to your discussion here. Can you please take a look at my questions and try to answer them? I wanted to include a direct link pointing to my questions, but this forum, 43oh, complains: "Your post looks too spamy for a new user, please remove off-site URLs." I'm sure if you search for keywords "F5529 USB" you'll find it. I am familiar with the F5438A and I laid out my own boards based on that. That was in the pre-F55xx days,
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