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    maxik reacted to spirilis in [Energia Library] Nordic nRF24L01+ library   
    Oh well if that's what it's expecting, try casting to uint8_t * instead.
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    maxik got a reaction from PTB in New Energia release 0101E0009 - 12/06/2012   
    Thank you for the Stellaris support, but when I try to upload "Blink" I keep getting "Cannot run program "E:\ENERGI~1\HARDWARE\TOOLS\LM4F\BIN\arm-none-eabi-g++" CreateProcess error=2 File not found".
    EDIT: Fixed this by renaming energia's folder from "energia-0101E0009" or so to "ener9", name seems to be an issue. Fix this please or note somewhere that folder name can't be longer than 6 characters.
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