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  1. still using my compilation based on your fw with added serial output... I have not checked the git long time ago The esp8266 board is powered from external source... btw, my coverage has been greatly reduced because some strong qrm in the band (taxi and data services) so filtering does not help here
  2. Congratulations! you have put a lot of time and effort into dAISy and I hope you will sell thousands! btw, my daisy is sharing data to marinetraffics web using a esp8266. Attached is the code using the arduino esp8266 (https://github.com/esp8266/Arduino). gmtii. daisy.ino
  3. So definitely mmic before filter will improve reception of weak signals that the filter attenuate below the threshold ... that will be great for dxing ships and greater range as filter reduced my coverage, but received more small ships (with less tx power?) near my location. gmtii.
  4. Hi, Extract from the lna4all site: I bought the filter, should I put it before the LNA ? Inserting the filter before the LNA (between the antenna and the LNA) will spoil the noise figure roughly for the filter insertion losses expressed in dB. So the S/N will also be degraded for the same figure. I bought the filter, should I put it after the LNA ? Inserting the filter after the LNA (between the LNA and the dongle) will leave the LNA widely opened to the strong signals. This may be fine if you have the high IP3 LNA. OK, where should I insert the filter then
  5. hi, dAISy USB has a solid and excellent sensitivity ...with a simple 1$ DIY electrical wire copper dipole it can receive ships exceeding 553 nm. - 1000 km !!!! Esteban.
  6. hi, this is how to setup an ais server with your rpi, cubieboard or beaglebone, dAISy and Marinetraffic. This is how I did but I'm sure there are better ways to do it ... When you a server @ Marinetraffic, they'll send an email with IP and unique port where you have to send dAISys output, e.g. 7604. We have to redirect dAISy serial output to this IP and unique port with some awful scripts: First, install screen utility: sudo apt-get install screen Plug dAISY USB and check if /dev/ttyACM0 is there; if not, then you need a kernel with support for CDC_ACM devices; r
  7. yeah, just received some packets from GSF ARTIC I MMSI 576917000 ... ... my antenna is a simple dipole outside my flat and I'm rxing packets from ships about 40 nm. from my location. Not bad! PS: the TM4C1294XL launchpad would be a perfect plataform for dAISy!!!
  8. Hi, DCO modes (even at 8 mhz) don't like LPM4 mode in your code... it works like a charm using LPM0-1-2, 25 mhz DCO, 8 mhz spi, 115200 uart... so, could the issue be not fast enough start up exiting from LPM3, 4 modes? thanks.
  9. hi, It does not lock up using XT2 (4 Mhz) as MCLK, so all issues seems related to 25 mhz dco but it outputs no nmea packets ... maybe 4 mhz is not fast enough? error: invalid stuff bit sync A RSSI=-085dBm error: invalid stuff bit sync A RSSI=-073dBm error: CRC error sync A RSSI=-086dBm error: invalid stuff bit sync B RSSI=-071dBm error: CRC error sync B RSSI=-087dBm error: CRC error sync B RSSI=-086dBm error: invalid stuff bit ... Thanks.
  10. here are some captures; seems ok to me... Thanks
  11. hi Adrian, Really enjoyed your great project, congratulations! I'm trying to do my homework porting it to 5529 LP (as original LP uart in linux is a pain and my setup is a rpi running 24x7 sharing AIS data ). Got all hw right initialized (I think) and it outputs some info at UART but then stops in 1-2 minutes (red led stops blinking) ... hw is ok as it works fine with original LP. dAISy 0.2 started y
  12. received in good shape! thank you! Enviado desde mi GT-P6810 mediante Tapatalk
  13. Hi, Still available? Thanks. Enviado desde mi GT-N7000 mediante Tapatalk
  14. There is a library working on Stellaris already. It can be a better start point: https://github.com/gmtii/ILI9341_energia Enviado desde mi GT-P6810 mediante Tapatalk
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