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    rando reacted to Rei Vilo in Education Booster Pack MK II Sceen Dead   
    Check whether the 0? R9 and R10 should be kept or removed on the LM4F / TM4C LaunchPad.
    Try with another LaunchPad.
    Check with the BoosterPack Checker.  Unfortunately, the BoosterPack Checker is incorrect for the LM4F / TM4C LaunchPad.
    Have a look at the pins maps for the LaunchPads and BosoterPacks.
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    rando reacted to energia in Energia Support for the Sensor Tag 2 (CC3200)   
    SensorTag support for Energia is being worked on. We have not settled on when we will roll out support for this but most likely beginning of June.
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    rando got a reaction from bluehash in Energia running without problems Ubuntu 15.04   
    Seems that Energia 15 runs without lagging issues, and  no back channel comport failures on Ubuntu velvet.
    Make sure to use the recommended udev rules posted on the Energia web site.
    "No drivers are needed for this LaunchPad under Linux. You do need to add this LaunchPad to udev rules. To do so, follow the steps below:
    Download the udev rules: TI udev rules Open a terminal and execute the following command: sudo mv /71-ti-permissions.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/ If your Linux distribution supports the service command you can active the new rules with sudo service udev restart. If your Linux distribution does not support this command or if you are not able to upload to the LaunchPad with Energia, then restart your computer to activate the rules."  
    Testing with both the '2452 and '2553, was fine with the ASCIITable example. (Don't forget the jumper change for the hardware UART on the '2553).
    I guess the comport driver issue is finally resolved.
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    rando reacted to bluehash in Education Booster Packs: MK1 & MK2   
    Asked the folks at TI. We should be getting a reply soon.
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    rando got a reaction from energia in Energia slow to start with TI Launchpad connected, Ubuntu 12.04   
    Thanks! These instructions worked perfectly and has seemed to corrected most the issues I was having. Will post more when I've test more completely. I need to think about if I can still program the board, and what it takes to get the new module to "stick", (if anything)
    My compile issue was I think, I was not in proper directory when I issued the make command. That being some other directory than where the kernel headers were located.
    At least the serial demo, ASCHIITable, runs after reset and I can see the ouput in Energia's serial terminal on /dev/ttyACTM0 now.
    Just to review I am on  Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, 3.2.0-34-generic-pae.

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    rando got a reaction from energia in Energia slow to start with TI Launchpad connected, Ubuntu 12.04   
    Here's what I was hoping to get working,
    Fired up minicom, set for 4800, brought up the board in mspdebug and told it to run.

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