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  1. The websites mobile version is very good, i don't think it's missing anything. As with any forum, i just use it from the browser. i really dislike having an app for every forum, and most of those apps just opening the forum's website in a stripped down browser. Making an app that would be worthwhile to download is a huge amount of work, and honestly i don't see any reason to do so. Offline reading is possible with some web browser already, so that would be a plus either.
  2. For serial Sram your only choice is Microchip, Onsemi has 4 serial sram chips, but they are smaller and more expensive. For serial flash, there are a lot of choice, but i guess companies who only make memory chips aren't Ti s competitors really (like Micron).
  3. I would like to enter with my 16 voice synth: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/3114-16-voice-wavetable-synthsampler-with-msp430g2553/
  4. Hey forum! I always wanted to make a synthesizer , so i chose the msp430 launchpad, because it's one of the most inappropriate chip i can use for it :grin: When i started to make it i didn't have real goal, i just wanted to make a sound, so this project is kind if all over the place but i have learned a lot doing it so it was totally worth it. The DAC used is a TI TLC5615, it's not the best choice, but i only had this in my parts bin. Probably any other SPI DAC could be used with minimal modification, or even PWM. (I don't sound good with PWM IMO.) The TLC5615 needs 5 volts, but
  5. CCS replaces multiplications and divisions with bit shifts if it is possible (/2,/8 /16 etc...) and it can warn you if it can't do that way,
  6. For clamping , just use diodes.(just google diode clamping). A 3V signal only gets lost in the noise if there is a serious flaw in the system. The 4067 has a digital ground, and an analog negative supply, it won't have any problems with negative voltage , as long as you supply a negative voltage rail to the IC.
  7. the 4067 can be used with 15V supply max, there are specialized analog switches that has higher voltage swing, although the are very expensive, but you can always use a resistor divider before and an amp after. The other solution is to use tiny relays, there are 3.3v actuation voltage telecommunication relays. The problem is that most of today's digital logic ICs don't work above 5V, so you can either use very expensive specialized chips , use relays, or alter the signal in a way that you can easily handle.
  8. There is a 7400 series 16 to 4 mux chips, but i don't really know your requirements. so If you need anything like this be sure to check out this list : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_7400_series_integrated_circuits
  9. thank you! those where the code examples i was looking for shift out! Is there any way to use 74hc166s with USI? I've got a full tube of them. As I see it is just not possible, as it need a rising clock when the PE held at active state, and there is no option for such a thing in USI. I just searched USI, but it did not give me any results, although USICTL0 gave tons... i always forget that search engines are not human beings.
  10. Hi! Has anyone used shift register (595 and 166) with USI? I can't figure out how to use USI with neither of these chips (but they work correctly software) and i was unable to find any tutorial on them (and the TI code examples aren't helping much). I've been trying all day and getting a little desperate, and no matter how much i look at examples or looking at the TI documents I just can't seem to get working. Any help is much appreciated!
  11. Thanks for the replay! I already have 10 of the MSP430g2201 so i would like to use those, and it is a good learning experience anyway. I have a few more questions: I have to send a single bit every 320us? (for a full byte takes 3200us)? or i have to send a full byte every 320us? I have to send a start and a stop bit for every byte or for every instruction? If for every byte i have to send a start and a stop bit, how do i separate instructions that made up of 3 bytes? Is there any special requirement for midi? sorry if my questions are stupid.
  12. Hi. I'm Matt, from Hungary. Electronics is my main hobby, I spend more time with it than with anything else. I got into electronics by trying to make stomp boxes for my guitar, so i don't have to pay for them that much, but it turned out it is much more expensive to make your own, but the electronics bug bit me, and i can't put down the soldering iron.
  13. Hi! Is midi possible with software only? I want to make a few simple MIDI transport controllers ( An encoder and 4 or 6 buttons) and i want to keep to cost down to minimum ( the encoder and the buttons cost 1euro and i found a suitable case for 2 euro) so i would like to do it witch a cheap MCU like the MSP430g2201 But it does not have any serial communication peripheral. I'm not really good in serial communications, i do understand how SPI and shift registers, i know what I2C is but i have no idea how to implement MIDI OUT from the msp430 and there aren't any tutorials for
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