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  1. Yea, I know. Datasheets are more for electrical/physical specifications of the device. However its also stated in the datasheet its BSL capabilites, in particular, on page 11 there's a list with TX and RX pins of BSL. Well, I think I will give it a try
  2. I mistyped the device name. Its MSP430FG437 and not MSP430FJ437. But on MSP430x4xx Family User's Guide (Rev. J). its said: Also, http://focus.ti.com/lit/ug/slau319a/slau319a.pdf explains how BSL works and how to inferface with it. The MSP430FG437 is a "MSP430 Flash Devices With Dedicated JTAG Pins", but, as I can understand, it can be programmed via BSL and an UART interface. Im not interested in JTAG or SBW because those require specific hardware (usually not cheap) whose purpose is just programming/debugging. With BSL I would only need an USB-USART converter which can be used to program the device and transmit other kind of data. What do you think?
  3. Hello, It seems that I can program a MSP430 device without a programmer (like MSP-FET430UIF) just using an USB-USART converter and BSL_TX and BSL_RX pins on the device right? I also noticed that TI offer some sample code to communicate with the device (BSL_Scripter). Anyone here already tried that? Is is "easy" to use? Im designing a very basic board for MSP430FJ437 in order to test its BSL capabilities. Im using a FT232R, from FTDI, connected directly to BSL_TX and BSL_RX pins however I would like to make sure this is possile and receive some feedback on its usage. Thanks! (edit: just to make it clear, Im just interested in programming the device, not debbuging it like a "real" programmer/debugger)
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