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  1. I was interested in the CC430 series and bought the USB/JTAG module along with the 2 CC430F6x experiment boards with the RF transceiver from TI (about $200 bucks!) but got them working (i.e. communicating) fairly easily out of the box... I thought of designing a smaller version (and much less expensive of course) for my own project, since I can't exactly use the breakout boards for that... do you think there's enough interest out there to go a bit further and make a cheap project board around this MCU? Thanks for the input...
  2. Does anyone here use PC-based scope/signal generator products like USBee, Link Instruments or the like? I'd be interested in knowing what others recommend.
  3. I also came across a few links with the pattern http://www.ti.com/litv/pdf/xxxx where "pdf" should have been "zip" so this is also something I try when a link is broken. These guys need to run a web crawler on their own site to look for dead links... On the positive side I found TI's tech support really responsive.
  4. The TI site posted an erroneous link to this resource, after contacting TI tech support they sent me the correct link (the TI site hasn't been corrected yet - this was a week ago): http://www.ti.com/litv/zip/slac060e The parent page is http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/MSP430_Schematic_and_Layout_documents Cheers.
  5. I love it! Welcome to this small island of nerdy coolness. hoser!
  6. Well, Toronto isn't exactly "North" .. I'm pretty new to the 430, bought the Launchpad a few weeks ago. My background is programming (C#/Java) and the 430 seemed a good place to start in the world of mControllers. I thought it would be a cool project to make a laser tag (well, IR tag really) system for my 9 year old .. I also dug out my Apple ][ after feeling a bit nostalgic and toyed with the idea of creating a 430-based peripheral card for it.. needless to say, the wife thinks I'm a nutcase. I bet if I made a pocket-sized FarmVille board she could carry around that opinion would make a 1
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