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  1. Hi I have seen other micro controllers on the web that can take a playsation 2 controller for input but can find any for the msp. Does any one know of one or do i have to start porting a library over to the msp? i have seen some for the ardunio. Chris
  2. Astrom27

    nokia 5510

    cool thanks ill check it out.
  3. Astrom27

    nokia 5510

    HI I got a nokia 5510 from sparkfun that i wanted to play around with but i cant find and libraries for the msp specifically. does anyone have one or do i need to work on one from other libarys? Thanks,Chris
  4. Sure, i added it to the post. Also there is a typo on the name... MOtor, changing all the names is hard ...so i left it that way. :roll:
  5. HI well i finally made a video on my project but it didnt come out very good, the sound is off a little. The project is controlling a dc motor with pwm. here is the code again i am using grace for the program so all the initalization code is not there but the main program should be ok i think. Edit */*/* I added the full .zip of the project with all the grace files. * Chris Mansfield *** Pwm Dc motor control for msp430 */ /* * ======== Standard MSP430 includes ======== */ #include #include /* * ======== Grace related includes ======== */ #include /* * ======== main
  6. HI Is it to late to post the projects for the contest i forgot how late it was in the month.... I will try to post it later if it is ok..
  7. It is a 3v small toy motor that is common in most toys. I found a google img that is like it. Ill try to get my camera to work and try to make a little video. Im sure you could drive a larger motor if you had a motor driver for it and use the msp for the input signal. But the 3v one is good to use as it has the same voltage as the msp. I just saw the small mistake on the circuit too... its a 3904 small sig trans. not a 3940......and caught a small mistake on the code at the jump start . duh should be motor on not off.... something got mangled.* see code i fixed it.
  8. I made a quick paint schematic for it.. i caught a mistake .. 3904 transistor is the actual number , sorry.
  9. HI I wanted to share the project i am working on, it is for a small dc motor pwm controller. I have got it working and it works pretty good. It does not use the pwm of the timer control, but a separate ratio type control in the main function. It Uses the grace gui so i dont know if i have to attach at the files or not if that is needed ,but here is the main part of the code that should contain enough to work off of. Idont have the schematic right now ill work on one soon, it just uses a 3904 transistor for the motor to have enough current, and some resistors for the bias. It uses p1.1
  10. HI lookes like another one from Oregon has signed up ,Actually that is funny ive seen a few going through the recent new persons section. I am pretty new, but am working on a pwm dc motor controller with the 430. Ill try to post the project soon when i can find my camera. Chris
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