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  1. Hello. Great tips on using eagle on your blog, very nice.
  2. Thanks, Doc. I sent out your Mini-Proto board today. I really like color on your boards on your site http://blog.docstech.net/, I see allot of good ideas for proto boards.
  3. Hello Everyone, Just found this site the other day, very cool. I'm an EE and like most from the Detroit area I use to work in the automotive field. Mainly I have worked with HCS12s and various FPGAs. To sum it up I would say I'm a certified gadget freak. Before finding this board, I created a Mini-Proto board most of you have seen in the ad's, Thank You Gerard. By looking at my Mini-Proto you can see I have some experience with the Arduino board. To have some fun the first person to send me a PM message with your address will receive a Free LaunchPad Mini-Proto board in th
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