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    Giveaway Entry thread

    Let's try luck this time.
  2. Hello, Is there any Open Source Compiler for G series ? It would be of great help if anyone direct me to guide on how to set up Open Source compiler for G series and blinky program. Regards,
  3. Congratulations Cube ! :thumbup:
  4. MadhaV

    Calling for Wiki(The 43oh Library) Volunteers

    This is really great effort. All the best guys ! :thumbup:
  5. MadhaV

    Hi from the Netherlands

    Welcome to Community John ! Have a nice time Here on 43oh !
  6. MadhaV


    I hardly see active member on IRC. Seems we have to make it more active.
  7. MadhaV

    Hi from a lab somewhere on planet Earth!

    Welcome to the best Electronics Community.
  8. MadhaV

    Volt/Amp/Watt meter

    Awesome work Buddy.
  9. MadhaV

    Forum Headers changed. Post bugs here.

    Glossy effects looks cool. Nice header and look admin. Now forum looks very attractive by look also.
  10. As per my knowledge LaunchPad has inbuilt Debugger and Programmer. and it uses MSP430G2231. Now My question is suppose i want to program other MSP series MCU. Can i do that by LaunchPad?
  11. Hello Everybody, Is there anyone who have worked on Freescale then please reply here. Just want to know how many of you have worked on Freescale. I have worked on Freescale microcontrollers and now a days also working on TI's Launch Pad i really like the initiative called GRACE this will surely provides good competition to Freescale's Code warrior as they to have similar User Interface environment. Whats your comment? :roll:
  12. MadhaV

    MSP430 HEAT!

    Welcome to the forum.
  13. Interesting Project as there is Something related to Game and LEDs. Good Choice for Contest. All the Best.
  14. MadhaV

    Share pics of your workspace setup

    That is Cyclone Pro Freescale MCU programmer and Debugger.
  15. MadhaV

    Share pics of your workspace setup

    Click here for large view:-http://i53.tinypic.com/2ltkbjn.jpg
  16. MadhaV

    Contest - 43oh Project Of The Month

    Thanks Sir.
  17. Guys be ready i will come-up my project very soon.
  18. Little confused as i dont know about Spy BiWire Its something like PROTOCOL developed by TI. Well in Simple, Suppose i want to program MSP430 MCU which is on another board, By Simple connecting all programming Pins of LaunchPad to that extra board can i program MCU?
  19. MadhaV

    43oh logo

    I will try to make one logo.
  20. That means LaunchPad can program whole MSP430 series?
  21. MadhaV

    Share pics of your workspace setup

    Everything on one DESK.
  22. MadhaV

    Hi All from The Great White North

    Welcome to the Four-Three-oh! community.
  23. MadhaV

    Contest - 43oh Project Of The Month

    Hello Admin, How if you start a new thread for Project of the Month and we will keep it updating as we received the entries for the POM.