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  1. Hello, Is there any Open Source Compiler for G series ? It would be of great help if anyone direct me to guide on how to set up Open Source compiler for G series and blinky program. Regards,
  2. This is really great effort. All the best guys ! :thumbup:
  3. Welcome to Community John ! Have a nice time Here on 43oh !
  4. MadhaV


    I hardly see active member on IRC. Seems we have to make it more active.
  5. Welcome to the best Electronics Community.
  6. Glossy effects looks cool. Nice header and look admin. Now forum looks very attractive by look also.
  7. Welcome to the forum.
  8. Interesting Project as there is Something related to Game and LEDs. Good Choice for Contest. All the Best.
  9. That is Cyclone Pro Freescale MCU programmer and Debugger.
  10. Click here for large view:-http://i53.tinypic.com/2ltkbjn.jpg
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