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  1. So I got the MSP430 LaunchPad can I use the tutorials for other MSP430s or is there going to be alot of variance? Thanks
  2. Thanks. I guess I'll have to order this when I get some money.
  3. Well I'm a beginner to programming microcontrollers and was wondering is there a book that's devoted to programming the msp430? I googled it but didn't come up with anything. I would love a book that could guide me through programming the MSP430. I know that there are ones out the that are generic programming microcontrollers. If there isn't any out there for the MSP430 then could you guys recommend a general one?
  4. What motor are you driving with this?
  5. Hello just bought some MSP430 LaunchPads with hopes of using them for a robot I'd like to build. I don't have much programming experience so i'll take as much help as I can get. The only real experience I have with programming is in LabVIEW programming NXTs. I've never done C coding so if you guys can recommend tutorials it would be greatly appreciated.
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