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    Philipp reacted to bluehash in Selective Quoting + Mentioning Feature   
    Hi Everyone,
    Now you don't need to quote the full post when you quote. All you need to do is select the text you want to quote and a popup comes into view. Select @Mention or Quote.
    This should improve user experience by a notch.
    Thanks. Any bugs, please report here.

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    Philipp reacted to bluehash in Forums patched v3.4.   
    Critical Sec Update.
    All forums patched.
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    Philipp reacted to Bernard in Reading LM4F120 internal temp sensor   
    Here is a ino file that allow to display temperature  from LM4F120 internal sensor.
    It is based on example from TI workbook , ported a la mode Energia.
    Nothing spectacular. I am slowly learning ARM and I wanted to share.
    /* Read internal temperature sensor of LM4F120 Stellaris Launchpad Example from TI LM4F120 workbook A la mode Energia */ #include "inc/hw_memmap.h" #include "inc/hw_types.h" #include "driverlib/debug.h" #include "driverlib/sysctl.h" #include "driverlib/adc.h" #include "Energia.h" unsigned long ulADC0Value[4]; volatile unsigned long ulTempAvg; volatile unsigned long ulTempValueC; volatile unsigned long ulTempValueF; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); SysCtlPeripheralEnable(SYSCTL_PERIPH_ADC0); SysCtlADCSpeedSet(SYSCTL_ADCSPEED_125KSPS); // 250 ADCSequenceDisable(ADC0_BASE, 1); ADCSequenceConfigure(ADC0_BASE, 1, ADC_TRIGGER_PROCESSOR, 0); ADCSequenceStepConfigure(ADC0_BASE, 1, 0, ADC_CTL_TS); ADCSequenceStepConfigure(ADC0_BASE, 1, 1, ADC_CTL_TS); ADCSequenceStepConfigure(ADC0_BASE, 1, 2, ADC_CTL_TS); ADCSequenceStepConfigure(ADC0_BASE, 1, 3, ADC_CTL_TS | ADC_CTL_IE | ADC_CTL_END); ADCSequenceEnable(ADC0_BASE, 1); } void loop() { ADCIntClear(ADC0_BASE, 1); ADCProcessorTrigger(ADC0_BASE, 1); while(!ADCIntStatus(ADC0_BASE, 1, false)) { } ADCSequenceDataGet(ADC0_BASE, 1, ulADC0Value); ulTempAvg = (ulADC0Value[0] + ulADC0Value[1] + ulADC0Value[2] + ulADC0Value[3] + 2)/4; ulTempValueC = (1475 - ((2475 * ulTempAvg)) / 4096)/10; ulTempValueF = ((ulTempValueC * 9) + 160) / 5; Serial.println(ulTempValueC); delay(300); } Salutations.
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    Philipp reacted to SugarAddict in MSP430 Launchpad v1.5 to MSP430 Launchpad v1.4 Resolder   
    Actually... it starts with

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    Philipp got a reaction from bluehash in [S]IV-18 VFD Clock Booster Pack   
    A special one for cube and blue#:

    please find more at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/almfz2j1fxkvqtp/2CDKD0I6T2
    if you like them, you can use them for the shop or anything related to 43oh.com ;-)

    I didn't manage to test the faulty segment yet..
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    Philipp reacted to RobG in TLC5940 board   
    IC1 - MSP430G2553IN20
    IC2 - 3.3V or adjustable LDO, TO220, output on the center pin.
    IC3, IC4 - TLC5940NT
    R1, R2 - 2.2k (~18mA) see datasheet for other current values
    R3 - 47k
    R4 - 0ohm & R5 - unpopulated when used with 3.3V LDO, when adjustable LDO is used, see datasheet for R4 & R5 values.
    C1, C2 - 0.1uF
    C3 - 1nF
    C4 - 10uF or bigger/10V or more, depends on the supply voltage
    C5 - 10uF or bigger/6.3V or more
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    Philipp got a reaction from GeekDoc in [S]IV-18 VFD Clock Booster Pack   
    Checked for continuity, but didn't try to power the faulty segment independent from the driver.
    I'll investigate this further tomorrow, but I thank you and bluehash in advance in case I need the pcb.

    You might not have had a good start with your kit, some components like the inductor or the pushbuttons were wrong.
    But the extent of support that you and especially bluehash are providing is just extraordinary. One always gets a kind answer, often (or usually) with just the right solution.
    Thanks ;-)
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    Philipp reacted to sirri in D'OH ! : ) [humor :P]   
    What happens if Homer wants to do something with a Launchpad : )

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    Philipp reacted to energia in New Energia release 0101E0009 - 12/06/2012   
    After 4 months (to the day) of hard work by the Energia team, Energia release 0101E0009 - 12/06/2012 it is ready to go! A full list of new features and bug fixes will be posted on the github wiki page later this week.
    Highlights for this release are:
    - StellarPad aka EK-LM4F120XL support (http://www.ti.com/tool/EK-LM4F120XL).
    - FraunchPad aka MSP-EXP430FR5739 FRAM support (http://www.ti.com/tool/MSP-EXP430FR5739).
    - Lots of bug fixes.
    The release is available for download @ http://energia.nu/download/
    Pin mapping for the new boards is posted here: https://github.com/energia/Energia/wiki/Hardware courtesy of @rei-vilo.
    Thanks to all Energia users for your continued support and providing us with invaluable feedback!
    Thanks to Energia team members @StefanS, @ReaganR, @rei-vilo, @Rickta59, @pbrier, @clyvb for making this release possible.
    Special thanks to @bluehash for his continued support with 43oh.com.
    Enjoy the new release!
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    Philipp reacted to RobG in [Group Buy-11] [C] RGB LED Strips (with WS2811)   
    LEDs are here, but they looks sooooo good on my Xmas tree, I think I will cancel this group buy and keep them for myself...

    ...just kidding. Shipping tomorrow. PCBs were shipped fron CN this morning, so they should be here in about 2 weeks.
    Member Name ------| Quantity | US only spirilis ---------| 50pcs AND 2m --- | ---------------- SHIPPED GeekDoc ----------| 4m AND 2 boards| ------------------ SHIPPED Philipp ----------| 2m | Intnl. | --------------------- SHIPPED Rockets4Kids -----| 25pcs AND 8m | -------------------- SHIPPED SugarAddict ------| 4m of 60/m | ---------------------- SHIPPED Mtlevine0---------| 1m of 60/m AND 50pcs AND 3 boards - SHIPPED touch-------------| 2m of 60/m | ---------------------- SHIPPED
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    Philipp reacted to Fred in This is just ridiculous   
    You know we're right and you're all wrong.
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    Philipp reacted to tonesenna in RocketFuel boosterpack   
    I attached the design files for this initial version of the rocketfuel. You are free to copy, modify or use it any way, although a reference to the original work would be appreciated.
    Prototypes mounted and first tests already done. The charger circuit has one flaw: the body diode of the P-channel MOSFET creates a current path that lets current flow from the battery into the state LEDs and even the charge controller's supply pin.
    In practice, we see both leds dimmly lit when the USB supply is removed. This can be somehow circumvented by removind one of the LEDs - the DONE LED, leaving only the indicator of CHARGE in progress.
    With this little fix in place, the battery drain is 170uA, well above the expected figure that I estimated, but understandable, due to the current path that isn't currently blocked on the pass transistor.
    Here are a few pics of the current prototypes:

    I put a post in my blog with some testing I did with only the TPS78233 and the NCP301LSN30T1G.
    You can check it out here: http://wp.me/p2T8F2-11
    I am impressed with the quiescent current of these devices.
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    Philipp got a reaction from chicken in Launchpad v1.4 PCBs FREE with Every Order   
    Mine arrived a few days ago, this is what I came up with:

    Not tested yet, but nothing exciting there.

    I used a 6 pin header, pulled off the sixtht straight pin and put in a rectangular one, which is soldered to the next available ground.

    random beauty-shot :grin:
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    Philipp got a reaction from bluehash in Launchpad v1.4 PCBs FREE with Every Order   
    Mine arrived a few days ago, this is what I came up with:

    Not tested yet, but nothing exciting there.

    I used a 6 pin header, pulled off the sixtht straight pin and put in a rectangular one, which is soldered to the next available ground.

    random beauty-shot :grin:
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    Philipp reacted to tonesenna in RocketFuel boosterpack   
    Good news! :mrgreen:
    Remaining parts arrived today. I have 3 boards assembled, except for the stacking headers, which I'm still waiting to arrive by normal mail.
    Since the sparkfun batteries are also still on transit, I am using an old BL-5B Nokia battery, soldered and soldered wires on it for a quick test.
    So far everything looks good. Both the battery and the pass transistor are running very cool (although I'm not sure if the charger is already in CC phase) :thumbup:
    It's kinda late so no pictures or test results right now. On the weekend I'll grab a few photos and do some testing.
    Stay tuned.
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    Philipp reacted to adav in An Indian from Germany   
    I am an embedded engineer from India, recently got transferred to Germany by my current employer. I am passionate about my profession and get paid for enjoying my job.
    At work: I am a Firmware specialist working on PPC/ARM based embedded linux h/w platform used in streaming media projectors and smart displays.
    Currently I am working on TI's DM8148 ARM based SoC with high performance H264 h/w accelerator. This is an interesting project involving few latest technologies like 802.1AVB ethernet protocol for time-sensitive audio/video transportation.
    I spend most of my earnings on buying different embedded hardwares like Beagle/sheeva/raspberry_pi/wifi_routers/olinuxino/arduino/MSP430 etc..
    13 years ago i started with small assembly program for 8051, since then i am living electronics and firmware. My ultimate goal of my life is to start a company and help society to build a better world through technology. Especially in India there is a great need for automation to conserve energy,water and other natural resources.
    here is a small blog i started few years ago to share my hobby projects.
    thank you all passionate engineers for your contribution,
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    Philipp reacted to rebeltaz in general Thank You to everyone   
    I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone here. My first project with the MSP430 looked like Mount Kilimanjaro when I started, but with y'alls help, my shop is now fully protected by an alarm system designed, built and programmed by me.
    Now off to my next project - a Beta Fish heater. And then... ?? Who knows!
    Thank You!!!
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    Philipp reacted to RobG in [Group Buy-11] [C] RGB LED Strips (with WS2811)   
    I'll be placing the order tomorrow morning.
    Let me know if you need my PayPal address.
    Philip, First Class Mail to Germany is $6.
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    Philipp got a reaction from abecedarian in LED Animations / Effects   
    You might want to try this one:

    EDIT: forgot to mention that he made the arduino source available at http://pastebin.com/Z3S2bNjt
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    Philipp reacted to hova in Vehicle anti-theft / RFID fob.   
    i do not in any way think you're an idiot. I am familliar with the hilux , as well as the 22r and 22re. I drove and 88 ir 89 hilux with the same 22re but standard trans.
    Fortunate for you , the truck has rack and pinion. If you do not have to put in some extra effort (when sitting still) to turn it , while off , then you have issues. When rolling , every car is much easier to steer. Pre 96 would have had a larger master cylinder , and iirc , relied less on the vacuum assist for brakes. You never specified what truck/car you had , so thats why I gave options. I was under the impression you were going with something newer.
    And just like bobnova said. Depending on your torque converter (TC clutch) , your motor may or may not continue to turn. Rarely do I work on anything pre94 at this point , and when I do , its usually 30's , 40's , or custom (off road buggies , etc)
    Again , I too am new with the MSP field , but where I can help someone , I try. If you would have said what you were trying to install it on , I could have narrowed a lot of the information down. My reccomendation would still be a starter interrupt , and possibly a battery interrupt relay if you're really concerned.
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    Philipp reacted to bluehash in Post a pic of your home work bench, get a ..   
    Awesome! You get it then.. I have your address from your Store order.. will mail it Monday.
    Another one interested in RC! I just repaired the motor shaft on my quad today:

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    Philipp reacted to simpleavr in Post a pic of your home work bench, get a ..   
    me me 1st. no time to clean up. quick shot.
    i'll pass the kit to the next poster. i don't have time to play w/ it.

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    Philipp reacted to GeekDoc in Post a pic of your home work bench, get a ..   
    What a mess...

    Also passing kit to next poster. Too much junk here anyway!
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    Philipp got a reaction from bluehash in The 43oh Store will be closing temporarily   
    this is of course bad news but your personal life goes first, for sure.
    Thank you for organizing, shipping and supporting all this cool stuff that was build by the members of this community,
    which you initiated and shaped to its current form
    The Group Buys are still going strong, so I'm not afraid of sitting in front of an empty desk or 'unfinished projects' box
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    Philipp got a reaction from Tribes in How many 'lego-natives' on this forum?   
    I have an idea for an booster which can connect to two lego motors and two or maybe more lego sensors. Details on this are still in the very early design stage.
    I'm not talking about the newer lego Mindstorms NXT motors with integrated encoders and i2c, i'm talking about the 'old' stuff from the first lego mindstorms or lego train generation:

    Before beginning to work on this I just want to ask you guys, if you or your kids still do have some of this older Lego Technics stuff and if you're somehow interested in making these lovely motors work with Stellaris and msp430 launchpads.
    Possible applications are basically endless, everyone who had the joy to play with Lego Technic some time ago knows what i'm talking about.
    So, what do you think? ;-)
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