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  1. I could use your help right now. I own three TI Dev Kits and i want to use all of them with CCS, and I'm struggling to choose the right license. I want to develop with MSP430 and Stellaris (Launchpad, Stellaris Launchpad, ez430 Stick). What license do you usually choose? I'm irritated that the FREE LICENSE does not support ez430. Does it support MSP430 at all? What's the point of the code limeted MSP430 version? I would really appreciate some advice
  2. www.df.de aka domainfactory is a domain provider, used to register your very own domain for your webspace or other services. GoDaddy.com and united-domains.de are other examples.
  3. Energia recently got 'featured' on jeelabs.org http://jeelabs.org/2012/09/25/energia-for-msp430/
  4. Well said, but how do you define low-cost? Look at Rob's board MSP430F5510 USB Dev. Kit (15$) or at the Olimex MSP430 lineup (http://www.olimex.com/Products/MSP430/) including the Olimexino 5510 (12.95
  5. Bluehash ------------ 2 viperspd--------------1 cubeberg-------------2 Mtlevine0------------2 Georg----------------2[international] GeekDoc-------------2 [flat rate box, please!] Adrian----------------2 DSFLORES------------1 arashi-----------------2 SugarAddict----------2 [Flat Rate Box] kff2-------------------1 soma4all--------------2 pbirkel --------------- 2 [flat rate box, please!] TheMuffinDan--------1 [international] Larissa----------------2 [Flat Rate Box works too] floridadrumm-----------1 jdan-------------------2[international] blue-------------------1[international]
  6. An ice tube clock for the TI Launchpad Congrats
  7. I just stumbled across TI's Stellaris Launchpad Tool Folder and found the User Guide: [tipdf]spmu289[/tipdf] There are some PCB photos, schematics, block diagrams and alot of additional information in it, might be interesting for you guys.
  8. I just stumbled across TI's Stellaris Launchpad Tool Folder and found this Design Guide in the documents section: BoosterPack Development Guide This could be useful to make your boosters compatible with all the existing Launchpads
  9. it worked for me, but the first time i tried it, there wasn't even a 'Add to cart' button. you have to use the eStore link i provided above. If there is no order button, my best guess is that they are slowly activating it for different countries.
  10. Even more impressive that your hand soldering looks that clean :thumbup: One question regarding your chopped Launchpad FET: Did you simply drill a sixth hole next to the jumper header and wired an additional pin to ground on the backside? Looks very convenient
  11. Did you hand solder these, or did you use a hot plate / toaster oven to reflow them? Anyway they look very high quality and I can't wait to see one of these working with energia
  12. The Stellaris Launchpad is now available at the TI e-store for preorder! I ordered two of them, some ez430 targets and a v1.5 Launchpad for a total of ~24$ or 20
  13. Very nice work, Rei! I'll base my first version of the HW reference on your work, it's exactly what i imagined
  14. It should be easy to integrate the schematic into Energia, but propably not the way you meant. When you create a sketch xyz.pde in Wiring, you can add a xyz.png image file to the sketch folder and Wiring will open this image if you click on the schematic button. I think this would totally work with Energia, but it is not very useful for hardware reference or pinouts, because there has to be an individual schematic for every single sketch. However I'm the same opinion as you, a pinout reference or a schematic within the IDE would be very handy. Wiring does this aswell, and it does it in a
  15. just remember that working with live voltages WILL hurt you very bad if you don't know exactly what you're doing! you may want to keep the reciever side on low voltage for prototyping and early experiments, e.g. you could start with a simple LED oder a 6V bike lamp switched/dimmed (PWM) by a transistor Dimming incandescent lights powered by 110V AC is somewhat different, of course.
  16. i actually ordered one a few weeks ago and i am still waiting for it to arrive because of the massive demand on these little linux boards it takes a whole lot of time to get through the preorder queue... when it arrives and i got it set up, i might try to compile energia and the mspdebug stuff on it
  17. Just FYI, Energia got featured / mentioned on dangerousprototypes.com Energia: Arduino like IDE for MSP430 MCUs
  18. I don't think the buspirate can analyze usb at all, but don't quote me on that. :think: Even if you write a script that would do just that, it would propably be to slow because of the FTDI USB <-> Serial chip used on the buspirate v3 which is slower than the usb signal he want's to analyze.
  19. I'm pretty confident that Energia will become one of the most popular 'Blink my first LED' solutions for beginners who want to explore TI's value line MCUs, and Energia already supports the most common variants of the MSP430G2xxx series. I really like the arduino-ish feel of Energia and it has a lot of potential, however the device support is (yet!) quite humble. Talking of 'boards' as the Arduino people are used to ('Leonardo' for USB compatible atmega32u4, 'Uno' for atmega 328p ..) Energia only supports the Launchpad by now. However I was able to program the standard Blink example to the
  20. Thank you for valueing the input of the community and adding my theme to the repository, I really appreciate it! :thumbup:
  21. Yeah, i tilted it to fit the length of the energia text, but it looks indeed if it is going to descend the next second I used this as a reference . Anyways, this is just at the 'protoyping' stage, i'll definetly refine it if you guys are interested in it. Cheers, Philipp
  22. Thanks for your kind words and nice ideas guys, your feedback is awesome! :clap: Are any apple users here who can tell me how OSX handles ClearType Fonts like Consolas? I have to ask because Energia hast different font presets for Linux/Windows and OSX. Just another piece of 'fanart': How do you like this splashscreen? Is there any interest in changing this, too, or do you want to keep the original one, energia? @energia: I attached the theme below, so you can preview it on your installation. Simply place the content of the archive in your energia folder or a copy of it, overwri
  23. Black text for the tabs looks way better, thanks! Anti Aliasing and ClearType are enabled. I had some difficulties to change the editor font and to enable anti aliasing for the editor itself. Wiring, Arduino and Energia use the Processing IDE, and this for some reason has a pretty clear theme.txt config file which defines the appereance of everything except the editor, and a more general and obscure preferences.txt located in another folder. It took me some time to figure out why the heck the Consolas font in the console looked perfectly fine but was aliased in the editor. Turned out
  24. Getting the contrast right is quite fiddly when you're working with only a few variations of red, but i tried my best to improve it without adding pink to the color scheme The preview image has slightly different colors and contrast than the original, please click it to view the original image.
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