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  1. This looks like a very interesting project ;-) It is an MSP430F5338 based DIY tweezers style LCR meter for measuring SMD component values. Source: Cheap 'n good LCR meter
  2. Philipp

    RGB Globe

    That sounds like a very good way to increase resolution! One could even use a 24" or 28" bicycle wheel (rim) without all the spokes mounted on top of a brushless motor, and one of these addressable LED strips where each LED has its own controller and communicates over OneWire. Could be the largest LED globe atm
  3. a very warm welcome from germany! Viel Spa
  4. that makes sense, thanks just skipped it in my mail
  5. Hey blue#, I'm curious why USPS doesn't update my tracking anymore?! What is your experience on shipping times from you to central Europe / Germany? I'm fine with waiting, but i'm somewhat puzzled because of USPS not updating the tracking status for 2+ weeks. Do you have any additional information? Good thing though, I have enough time to source a suitable replacement for the inductor locally
  6. Hey, just saw this on H'a'D: Nothing new there, basically only 8 leds, an msp430, a battery and some pcb, but i really like his design More Details
  7. http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=how+many+bits+in+a+byte this could be a problem
  8. nup, seems to be pretty dead for some time now. personally i don't think that there is anybody is 'working on fixing the problem'. they don't say which problem, anyway.. I can live without TI Deals, but I would cry if they would make it harder for hobbyists to source samples or if they wouldn't offer some promos on the ti estore from time to time like they did with the 4.99$ Stellaris Launchpad.
  9. Works well on iDevices, very sexy
  10. thanks for sharing your experience! I'm not used to work through a magnifier but that might be due to the fact that my current one is mounted on a cheap third hand :/
  11. off topic question: what kind of wire did you use for your breakout board? it looks so tidy and pretty compared to my failed atempt soldering a (only) 16 pin SSOP package. i used some very thin magnet wire, or enameled wire salvaged from a little electro magnet. my guess is that it was just too thin or too soft to work with. what is your experience soldering smd components on protoboard?
  12. shiny new appereance, optically i like it more than our old phpbb3
  13. Philipp

    RGB Globe

    very cool little project! 3mm LEDs would allow even higher resolution, but for the same globe size you would need even more pricey tlc5916...
  14. nup, the DRV8833 has a wide voltage range. i think traxman included the regulator to allow the launchpad being powered from a big battery / wall wart, too FEATURES
  15. Philipp

    LED Display?

    then this one might be interesting for you: http://www.evilmadscientist.com/2009/peggy-2le/ not the kit or the board itself, but the open source code and build details for it: http://wiki.evilmadscience.com/Peggy_2 It is based on an Atmega with an Arduino bootloader, so the chances of porting some if not all of the code to energia are quite good
  16. Philipp

    LED Display?

    well, you wouldn't buy the final product, those lighting strands are not meant to be used as a display. you have to build the controller which feeds the display with data or connects it to a pc by yourself
  17. Philipp

    LED Display?

    this one might be interesting for you, and you should be able to reproduce something similar on a smaller scale for your window. benefits of this solution are: Full RGB color, each light individual addressable, not that much electronics involved, probably only a launchpad, one or more of those LED strips and maybe a few passive components. Downsides are that you don't learn that much about electronics and LED driving methods like multiplexing ore charlieplexing, and the relatively high cost (http://www.amazon.com/Good-Tidings-7200 ... 0045PTKNE/) Just a suggestion, anyway
  18. i think Rick talks about the 'you have not the rights to view the attached image' problem for unregistered hackaday readers and some other restrictions. It could help to give everybody read access to the most frequented forums, to avoid registrations by these one-time members. correct me if I'm wrong
  19. leaving the buttons available is recommended by the booster design guide, too. I can only give some links to stores located in germany, but farnell or rs online cover most parts of europe. Berlin based Sparkfun Reseller: http://www.tinkersoup.de/product_info.p ... 1576b2246a Farnell / element14: http://de.farnell.com/bak/lp-523450p-is ... dp/2077888 Pollin.de, cellphone battery, no leads but darn cheap: http://www.pollin.de/shop/dt/MzMwOTI3OT ... BC80S.html Ebay has plenty, but all reasonable priced ones are from hongkong. I'm really surprised how hard they are to source i
  20. The idea is great, but why do you prefer LiIon over LiPo? Lipo cells are very common and well accessible for anybody, and they are flat with capacitys from 350mAh - 1500mAh in a size suited for use with the launchpad. One can stick them to your booster or to the bottom side of the launchpad. Don't get me wrong, you LiIon approach looks very professional in contrast to a LiPo taped to the bottom side of a PCB, but those LiIon round cells are quite bulky. For use with the MSP430 Launchpad the LDO is very well suited because of the wide voltage range of the MSP430. If the battery voltage goes b
  21. You're totally right about the boosterpack connectors J3 and J4, i forgot to mention this in my post. Although it is called '+VBUS' and not '5V', most boosterpacks with the XL pinout would expect 5V on +VBUS and therefore might not work with this hack if they make use of the 5V The RGB led however runs happily on a lipo. When it goes dark you propably should recharge the lipo preventing it from undervoltage. I did not measure the minimum voltage for the led, but I can do some more 'research' on that if you're interested
  22. A voltage monitor is definetly the right way to go, even though the voltage regulAtor won't be damaged by undervoltage. It operates down to a Vin of 1.7 V, and its Input range is -0.5V - 5.5V. But i don't know how the M4 reacts to voltages below 3V My Launchpad Lready did run low on batterys, discharging the lipo below 3V and it stopped working, but Fter a recharge everything is working fine again. For reference: http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/sbvs038t/sbvs038t.pdf
  23. FYI: Some kind of self-promotion I modified my stellaris Launchpad to work with a single-cell LiPo battery. Turned out that there is some kind of research involved, instead of just plugging it in. http://blog.psten.de/post/fuel-for-the-stellaris-rocket
  24. Order placed! I really like the OpenCart system, took me under a minute to register with full adress info and another minute to checkout with paypal. Excellent! NOTE for blue#: I forgot to add an note to the order, I'm blue aka Philipp Stenkamp with order #447, so don't cancel that one please
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