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  1. if you don't want to wait for matthias to answer your questions, you can post the code lines your courious about and i'll translate the comments for you
  2. Mine arrived a few days ago, this is what I came up with: Not tested yet, but nothing exciting there. I used a 6 pin header, pulled off the sixtht straight pin and put in a rectangular one, which is soldered to the next available ground. random beauty-shot :grin:
  3. For me (Windows 7 64 Bit and latest Energia release if i remeber correctly) it worked right out of the box. Hardwarewise the ez430 Stick and the debugger portion of the Launchpad are exactly the same, with the exception of the ez430 Stick not having an application UART. Travis Goodspeed did a writeup on the ez430 http://travisgoodspe...30u-part-1.html and covered it's operation very detailed. If you need details or a working example, you'd propably have to wait till saturday
  4. the basic blink example worked for me, using one of energias built in profiles for the Gxxxx series and changing the LED_PIN variable to pin 2 if i remember correctly, just give it a try. I don't have any details on hand atm, sry.
  5. my current toys: 1 broken Launchpad v1.4 3 Launchpad v1.5 2 Stellaris Launchpad 2 free Ez430 USB Stick 1 MSP430-T5510 1 OLIMEXINO-5510 1 Arduino Duemilanove 1 Mega328 Header Kit 1 Sanguino I'm quite exited about finally getting my Raspberry Pi:
  6. Well, thats enough motivation to get started with this. As soon as I have some sparetime I'll mock up a PCB design with connections for the Lego cables, later on i have to decide which driver i want to use.
  7. You might want to try this one: ;-) EDIT: forgot to mention that he made the arduino source available at http://pastebin.com/Z3S2bNjt
  8. I own a Blade 120 SR, tiny and very fun to fly but quite challenging :grin: I hope you can get you chopper airborne ;-) blue#, your desk looks very nice, I've read the write-up about it on your blog! this thing on the left hand side with your soldering iron on top of it looks like borrowed from a dentist :grin:
  9. Awesome, thank you very much! I like the geometry of your quad, looks similar to the TBS Discovery. I spend way too much money on my motorcycle license, otherwise I might have invested it in a Discovery+GoPro+Diversity FPV Setup... :? But crashing copters of all kind is usually expensive, I have to earn more money before thinking of this stuff again The wing on my photo is practically indestructible, nothing you couldn't fix with superglue or tape.
  10. Well, storage in the room is shared with the whole family, took me some sweat and blood to conquer the bench It actually is a old kitchen cabinet, my father brought it with him from his very first own flat.
  11. This is my tiny basement workshop (read old used kitchenet ): Full Resolution FYI: I'm into RC flying, therefore the wing and lipos plus charger on the bench. I'm getting everything tidy and clean for storage during wintertime. I would like to play with the kit, looks really neat. Big thanks to GeekDoc and simpleavr, very kind move to pass this kit to the next poster I saw this post and was like "Whaat, nobody replied? o.O" Converting the 18MP photo to 3000x1000px took the most time... Is the PCB populated, or do I have to practice SMD soldering?
  12. Member Name ------| Quantity | US only spirilis ---------| 50pcs AND 2m --- GeekDoc ----------| 4m | Philipp ----------| 2m | Intnl. !
  13. Member Name ------| Quantity | US only spirilis ---------| 50pcs AND 2m | --- GeekDoc ----------| 4m | Philipp ----------| 2m | Intnl.
  14. thanks cde, interesting stuff. but I'm more interested in the older RCX compatible motors and sensors which don't utilize i2c and are totally analog ;-)
  15. I'm in for 2m of the 60 led/m strip, too. I'm from Germany, so we have to talk about shipping
  16. Hey, I have an idea for an booster which can connect to two lego motors and two or maybe more lego sensors. Details on this are still in the very early design stage. I'm not talking about the newer lego Mindstorms NXT motors with integrated encoders and i2c, i'm talking about the 'old' stuff from the first lego mindstorms or lego train generation: Before beginning to work on this I just want to ask you guys, if you or your kids still do have some of this older Lego Technics stuff and if you're somehow interested in making these lovely motors work with Stellaris and msp430 launchpads
  17. Well, this is of course bad news but your personal life goes first, for sure. Thank you for organizing, shipping and supporting all this cool stuff that was build by the members of this community, which you initiated and shaped to its current form The Group Buys are still going strong, so I'm not afraid of sitting in front of an empty desk or 'unfinished projects' box
  18. I'm interested in 1m-2m of the 60pcs/m version, too. 1.5m would be ideal Do you have some left, and how much would be the total cost incl. international shipping?
  19. Feel free to share your projects with us!
  20. Welcome to this awesome community! ;-) The cheese omelette on your blog looks quite awesome, too :grin:
  21. This is very nice, thank you LariSan and bluehash! However, international shipping from the 43oh store is 7,50$, which I believe is quite high for two pcbs. Is it possible to ship these cheaper, in an ordinary letter maybe, bluehash? Or could you raise the maximum quantity to eight (one panel)? I would love to build some el'cheapo target boards out of these, one with a ZIF socket maybe. Don't get me wrong, you offer these boards for free and you have some expense on packaging, labeling and shipping, you're doing a great job! :thumbup: But i can get two preassembled Launchpads dire
  22. this was my first thought, too. I think he is going to add needles or nails to the tip of the pcb tweezers to add some length and precision.
  23. Philipp

    RGB Globe

    The hula hoop diffusing the light of the individual LEDs would look awesome, but i'm quite sure that it isn't stiff enough to support the weight of the electronics at high rpm. it would propably bend to the form of an egg at 3600rpm. I didn't even think about the rpm needed to achieve a persistent image. You definetly don't want to spin a hula hoop or a alloy bicycle rim at a couple hundred rpm Even if you could handle the vibrations you would have to put this thing in a display box or a cage to prevent somebody or something putting their fingers in it Yeah, i didn't take care of the mat
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