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  1. Nah, without modification Energia can not burn an Arduino Bootloader on an Atmega328.
    However, you can try to adapt the ArduinoISP sketch to Energia.


    Burning the Arduino Bootloader on a bare chip utilizing another Arduino works by loading the ArduinoISP sketch on the working Arduino, and connecting the bare chip to this Arduino. This way, the Arduino acts as a programmer to burn all the necessary bits and bytes on the bare chip to make it an Arduino, too.

    What you want to do can be described as following:
    You want to make the ArduinoISP sketch work in Energia, so you can program the MSP430 on your Launchpad with it.
    Your Launchpad now acts as an Arduino with the ArduinoISP sketch loaded on it. It is an AVR ISP programmer now. Therefore you should be able to burn the Arduino bootloader on an blank Atmega328 with the stock Arduino IDE (pc software). 

    The question is if the ArduinoISP sketch can be adapted to Energia.

  2. You're doing a great job keeping these forums live and the store going, bluehash. Thank you for that! :smile:
    It is sad that USPS (i believe you use them) apparently does lose some packages on the way to their international recipients. The MsPRobot kit i won in November 2012 did not make it to me (yet), too. http://forum.43oh.com/topic/2896-post-a-pic-of-your-home-work-bench-get-a/


    I was quite disappointed, but I know that it was not your fault, and I did not pay for it. It bothers me nevertheless.
    Keep up the good work, I really appreciate the time and energy you put into shipping and organizing groupbuys. To me they are of much higher value than the actual store ;-)

  3. I appreciate the help you gave with cleaning up that post and making the images more conveniently available for others.


    Thanks, BlueHash.

    Yeah, that's how bluehash cares for his community ;)


    Wasn't my intention to offend you, just a quick tip :)

    My experience is that moderators of this forum are very generous in terms of file sizes, they like content on this forum to be easy to access.

    Usually the images you attach to your posts are 'thumbnailed' automatically for you, this way your post does not get bloated with giant images and people who are interested in them can view them fullsize..

    Uploading them directly saves you the hassle of zipping them and we are able to view them in every browser, on any platform, including mobile, just as JPEGs are meant to. They are compressed anyway.



    The pictures are only important if you are interested in the project. You don't seem to be, so it's no loss to you.

    You're right, it is no loss to me. But you might lose some feedback from members who are not that much interested in your project as a whole, but in some particular details of it, only visible in the pictures.

    Your idea of mounting the servo with ice-sticks is very neat, for example. I would not have noticed it if bluehash didn't edit your post ;)

  4. I'll throw this idea in without doing some research in advance, maybe not the best thing to do.
    Anyway, here it comes :grin:

    When I read 'Energy Harvesting' in a previous post, I thought of RFID or NFC immeadeatly. To me this sounds ideal for a badge, considering the possible uses for it. 
    One would have to figure out an appropiate RFID solution and its cost, but the PCB antenna goes for 0$ and you might be able to power the badge by the RFID / NFC reader, without a battery.

    We would need a physical reset button - these are nice and low profile - I would consider them accessible even to non-SMD folks.  However, PTH switches are obviously cheaper.  

    Two tinned pads and a paperclip would work, too :D This might suffice if resetting the badge is only needed for programming or in case of a program crash.

    Just my two cents ;-)
  5. You might want to checkout this kit made by Olimex:
    It utilizes a MSP430FG439 and the included demo software should do everything you need, however it appears to be written in IAR KickStart.

    Details: https://www.olimex.com/Products/Modules/Biofeedback/MOD-EKG/  They have a PulseOx meter, too: https://www.olimex.com/Products/Modules/Biofeedback/MOD-PULSE/
    This is based on TI application note slaa280a.pdf. Might be worth a look, too.

  6. To be fair i have to say that i did not try your 'Enhanced Version' of Energia yet.
    I'm sure you have the best intentions, and it is not necessarily bad to add an option for users who download your tool (which is based 99% on the work of others, too) to donate some cash to you if your improvements give them a better user experience. However, you are not maintaining Energia. Energia was created by Robert Wessels and it is maintained and developed by various members of our community. I believe that the key to its success is the direct connection to this community of contributors, testers, designers, etc. So if somebody deserves donations, it might be these guys. But they are not asking for it.
    What you did might be useful to a lot of users, but from the perspective of a member of this community or a developer of Energia it can look quite different. Your way of presenting your work over here doesn't help, either. For example:


    3. Pretty splash screen
    Come on! original one is awful! (even the jpg compression is poor heheh)


    I don't like the original splash screen, too. You really did a nice job on this one. But:

    Neither is TI as a company actively participating in the development of energia, nor is it considered to be good practice to take a successful product (or in this case a project, since it is non-commercial) in which some people put a lot of thought an love into (considerably more than 100% - 99% = 1%) and to change its outer appearance in a way that makes people believe that it was made by someone else, in this case you. What you could / should have done is to include the names of all the people contributing to Energia on your splash screen first, and then yours. You did not mention them at all. For reference, the Arduino 1.5 splash looks like this:

    If you have to include credits, give them to the right people at least. 

    I think Rei, Rick and Robert appreciate some of your improvements or additions, but the right way, or at least a better way to share them with us and the world would be to fork the official Energia project on github, so that everybody is able to see what your enhanced version is based on. That way it would be easy for you to include changes and updates from the original Energia project which is in turn a fork of the official Arduino project. This would also enable Robert and the other developers to include some of your improvements in the official Energia release, too.

    Do you even have an msp430 to test? How can you release a "Mod Energia Enhanced" without even testing the framework it uses?

    I believe Rick's point is that you cannot simply take a working piece of software, tweak it and 'market' it in a way you do (to me, your first post reads like a advertisement, really) before even testing it. This results in a vast amount of work for the people maintaining the project, because they cannot trace errors that may result from something you did different than they did. But people using Energia are experiencing problems with it from time to time. If so, they usually end up here, in the (official support) forums, where Rick, Rob and co are happy to help. Would be sad if they have to tell people: 'Yeah, we know the 'enhanced' version, but we cannot support it, since it is not part of our release.' Furthermore they cannot be sure that you're ready to help since you are totally new to the forum as a member, registered for 24h or so.

    It would have been nice to ask 'Hey guys, i did this and i believe it is awesome, check it out and give me some feedback, i want to contribute to your project!' instead of 'Look, i got this, it is awesome and it will revolutionize your programming experience, buy me a coffee/pepsi' .

    As a conclusion, your tweaks look indeed useful and i'll definitely try them out. You put quite some work into it, but others did, too.
    Be friendly to them ;-) Just reconsider your way of presenting your work and contribute to Energia in a way the original project can benefit from.

    I know that most of my points were already given by others, but i wanted to give you a more sophisticated look from our perspective, which might help to understand why not everybody is going 'Wow!' and 'awesome!' :smile:


    EDIT: I began writing this some time ago, therefore the latest posts, beginning with the first one from energia, are not taken into consideration. nevermind ;)


  7. I tried to desolder the 20 pin socket from one of my LPs, but I failed miserably, maybe due to high iron-temperature or bad desoldering skills.

    I ruined some of the pads on the pcb, so personally I cannot recommend this method, although cde gave an example of a good looking ZIF'ed Launchpad :grin:


    You might want to try this instead, maybe on some perfboard: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/2853-launchpad-v14-pcbs-free-with-every-order/page-2#entry25208.

  8. Definetly order directly from TI!
    Shipping is free and very fast, I received my kits within a few days, some of them come from the U.S. , but TI has a distribution center in the Netherlands, too. They ship Lauchpads and alot of other parts from there if possible. 

    I can recommend the TI Sample Service as well, you can get small quantities of the most common chips (including as the MSP430 Gxxxx series) directly from TI for free, incl. free shipping. Just do not abuse this free service, because it is really awesome ;-)

    Viel Spa

  9. Checked for continuity, but didn't try to power the faulty segment independent from the driver.
    I'll investigate this further tomorrow, but I thank you and bluehash in advance in case I need the pcb.

    You might not have had a good start with your kit, some components like the inductor or the pushbuttons were wrong.
    But the extent of support that you and especially bluehash are providing is just extraordinary. One always gets a kind answer, often (or usually) with just the right solution.


    Thanks ;-)

  10. Got mine up and running today, it looks so cool! :grin:

    Unfortunately one digit seems to be dead, i'm quite sure that it is a faulty tube and not the driver.
    I can source a tube locally (well, ebay, but german seller) for 10EUR, but I really don't want to desolder the faulty tube from the adaptor PCB, this would propably be a pain in the ass and it would render the remaining 7 1/2 digits of the cube almost useless for future experiments.

    Do you have spare adaptor PCBs, cube? If I decide to replace the tube, could I send you some money for a PCB and shipping?

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