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  1. Nah, without modification Energia can not burn an Arduino Bootloader on an Atmega328. However, you can try to adapt the ArduinoISP sketch to Energia. Burning the Arduino Bootloader on a bare chip utilizing another Arduino works by loading the ArduinoISP sketch on the working Arduino, and connecting the bare chip to this Arduino. This way, the Arduino acts as a programmer to burn all the necessary bits and bytes on the bare chip to make it an Arduino, too. What you want to do can be described as following: You want to make the ArduinoISP sketch work in Energia, so you can program the MSP43
  2. As far as I remember, you did not send me a tracking number. Would be great if it did not get lost but just did not make it way out of your 43oh.com & stellarisiti support, hosting and shipping headquarters
  3. You're doing a great job keeping these forums live and the store going, bluehash. Thank you for that! It is sad that USPS (i believe you use them) apparently does lose some packages on the way to their international recipients. The MsPRobot kit i won in November 2012 did not make it to me (yet), too. http://forum.43oh.com/topic/2896-post-a-pic-of-your-home-work-bench-get-a/ I was quite disappointed, but I know that it was not your fault, and I did not pay for it. It bothers me nevertheless. Keep up the good work, I really appreciate the time and energy you put into shipping and organizing
  4. you have to take taxes into account, incl. tax it should be 38$
  5. It will be the Chronos Watch again, for 38$. Funny that they post it on their Facebook page before the deal even goes live.. EDIT: bluehash was faster
  6. there it is: pretty hefty price tag for a TI Deal, although the discount is 100$.. more details on http://tideals.com/
  7. Well, kinda impressive that TIDeals is coming back to life and they did not even fix this annoying scrolling error..
  8. Yeah, that's how bluehash cares for his community Wasn't my intention to offend you, just a quick tip My experience is that moderators of this forum are very generous in terms of file sizes, they like content on this forum to be easy to access. Usually the images you attach to your posts are 'thumbnailed' automatically for you, this way your post does not get bloated with giant images and people who are interested in them can view them fullsize.. Uploading them directly saves you the hassle of zipping them and we are able to view them in every browser, on any platform, including mobil
  9. you should really upload your build images as images instead of .rar, personally i won't make the effort to download and unzip them individually.
  10. Open Source Hardware Summit? don't qoute me on that, but I think OSHS is it's common abbreviation. http://2012.oshwa.org/
  11. I'll throw this idea in without doing some research in advance, maybe not the best thing to do. Anyway, here it comes :grin: When I read 'Energy Harvesting' in a previous post, I thought of RFID or NFC immeadeatly. To me this sounds ideal for a badge, considering the possible uses for it. One would have to figure out an appropiate RFID solution and its cost, but the PCB antenna goes for 0$ and you might be able to power the badge by the RFID / NFC reader, without a battery. Two tinned pads and a paperclip would work, too This might suffice if resetting the badge is only needed for pro
  12. You might want to checkout this kit made by Olimex: It utilizes a MSP430FG439 and the included demo software should do everything you need, however it appears to be written in IAR KickStart. Details: https://www.olimex.com/Products/Modules/Biofeedback/MOD-EKG/ They have a PulseOx meter, too: https://www.olimex.com/Products/Modules/Biofeedback/MOD-PULSE/ This is based on TI application note slaa280a.pdf. Might be worth a look, too.
  13. It is, you can tell by the number of triacs and by the labeling of the 5 pin header (2nd image) which reads Ch1-Ch2-GND-0xOut-Vcc.
  14. Nup, mine were preordered some weeks before the official release and were shipped on 09/26/2012, arrived 4 days later in germany. I really like TI's sampling and shop, with free express FedEx shipping for every order. For me it worked out very nice every time in the past.
  15. To be fair i have to say that i did not try your 'Enhanced Version' of Energia yet. I'm sure you have the best intentions, and it is not necessarily bad to add an option for users who download your tool (which is based 99% on the work of others, too) to donate some cash to you if your improvements give them a better user experience. However, you are not maintaining Energia. Energia was created by Robert Wessels and it is maintained and developed by various members of our community. I believe that the key to its success is the direct connection to this community of contributors, testers, design
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