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  1. Well I was hoping it might bring back those cool looking breakout/dev boards of yours. Any chance you'll be sending unpopulated pcbs to the 43oh store?
  2. I thought I would share this price I stumbled on. http://avnetexpress.avnet.com/store/em/ ... stIndex=-1 I was checking out what my student samples from TI actually cost and noticed that Avnet was selling the F5529 in single units at the same price of their 4,000 unit quantities. Yesterday they were $5.47, but they sold 200 and now the price is $5.88 with 150 units left in stock. Current prices from digikey and mouser are currently $9.18 in singles, big difference! I am wondering if they will correct the price when they get their new shipment from the factory in a couple weeks.
  3. poofay

    TI Android app

    It looks pretty cool! Except the app crashes when I try to open the MCU directory.... I like that TI is putting in the effort though!
  4. That's awesome! I love reading about Toaster Oven Reflow projects. At my last internship I was surprised to find that a reflow oven was just an industrial/beefed up pizza oven of sorts. It's pretty cool that we can have that technology, though a bit cruder, in our homes. I'd like to point out that you can reflow boards with components on both sides due to the surface tension of the molten solder. If you leave enough space on two sides of the board, you can sit the board on a couple rectangular blocks of aluminum, suspending the board and components above the metal grate. You'd be surprised
  5. I'm not trying to thwart your plans, but I found a link to this webpage when looking up info on the g2553. I can't post links since I'm too new, but if you google the part number "430boost-cc110l" the first hit is the webpage. There isn't any info other than it listed as a preview device, but it looks like TI also thinks the launchpad needs a wireless booster pack. The CC110L is named their "value line" transceiver, so they seem like a good pair for each other. It could be months before they release it though! I've learned a ton while following this thread. Finish the board so you
  6. Hey Everyone, I am a Computer Engineering student at Auburn University. I got tired of waiting to finish my pre-req classes to start having fun and came across the launchpad. I just got it in the mail, and I'm pretty excited! I know absolutely nothing about microcontrollers, so I hope I don't stress your patience with my questions! Thanks in advance!
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