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  1. @@GeekDoc I mean only the shell to snap to the back of PCB and avoid poking you palm. The PCB front is for show-offs and has to be seem. The shell is actually a flat piece of plastic w/ rails on both sides up to half of the length. The PCB / Calculator would slide in and out like a slipper. And one can have the board / calculator top up or bottom up. It would be nice to see it 3d printed. Some of our libraries here has 3d printers that I may be able to access (after a certified course). Do you know of any open-source Linux S/W that I can try?
  2. @@zeke @@GeekDoc @@cubeberg The board dimension is 85 x 50mm. I originally want credit card size but have to restrict it to 50mm wide to lower board cost. The case (or should I call it a "shell"?) I had in mind is popular w/ nowaday calculators. Like I could just slide the pcb and fiction lock it in place. I really like the simplicity. BTW, the TI-108 is very nice. My kids use them in school.
  3. @@bluehash I just PMed the gerbers to you. I moved the bypass cap a bit left and center aligned w/ the chip, looks better now. I also added links, on the back silkscreen. I am not posting the fritzing file for now. If you are interested in getting it to make / order your own boards, please PM me.
  4. I think bluehash will answer question regarding ordering the group buy. It will take some time for him to assemble the kits though. I myself would also like a case, and may be not a case. I would like to have a sliding bottom protector, made of semi-hard plastic that clings to the pcb and make into a smooth back (it is really spiky when holding it). Do they call that a "bumper"? or a bumper with a back. May be someone w/ access to 3D printing?
  5. Wow! Very featured. Much HaD! @@bluehash I think you should order parts now.
  6. And likewise this is a simple 5 channel polyphonic tone player for msp430g2553 (can expand to 6 channels for 28 pin device). #include <msp430.h> #include <stdio.h> /* 5 channel polyphonic tone player // MSP430G2553 // --------------- // /|\| XIN|- // | | | // --|RST XOUT|- +--[ 2.2k ]-+-----o audio Out // | | | | o // | (TA0.0) P1.1|--[ 39ohm ]---+ --- | // | (TA0.1) P1.2|--[ 39ohm ]---+ 0.1u --- | // |
  7. It looks more COBOL to me. I hate it when I steal code from him. Anything I change mess up the file and I have to re-adjust lines. I always do this 1st thing :1,$s/\s*\/\/.*$//g
  8. How practical is it to realize this on IR led / detector for an 8 channel servo control?
  9. It would be the same as you put at the top of this thread, except. Instead of msp430g2452, we could use 2402, 2412, 2432 as we don't need no comparators nor adcs. Newark has the 2401, 2412 on sales. Choice of a slimmer battery holder (smd) instead of the original thru-hole part. One lone red 1.8mm led, I used this one, you can also use this new type. One .1uF bypass cap for the new board design. I am waiting for some buttons and another 5 set of bubble LEDs, has to build a few for friends.
  10. New board came in today. I assembled one to validate the electrical and everything is well. I still need to fix some key mapping bugs but it will be s/w only. Pardon the twisted buttons as I went out of these buttons and I have to resurrect them from the 1st fail built. Don't know what happened to DX and my new batch buttons was shipped 4 weeks ago but nowhere to be seen. @@bluehash I think it is safe for you to order parts to assemble your kits. Attached are the PCB pictures, let me know if you want to change silkscreen lines. I can only do "text" w/ Fritzing. I will upload the PCB z
  11. You got to love CanadaPost. My PCBs are 20 minutes away from me yesterday and they managed to send it 400km away from me overnight. Date Time Location Description Retail Location Signatory Name 2014/06/27 06:50 WINDSOR Canada Post processing error; item re-routed. Possible delay 2014/06/26 16:33 MISSISSAUGA Item processed 2014/06/25 19:18 MISSISSAUGA Item has arrived in Canada and was sent for further processing. They di
  12. I guess the lone one is that 2 digit one. I tried it and it had different pinouts from the others. I can't figure out how I blow the 1st one I tried. I is a bit weird as most times (if at all), I would blow "open" a segment or a digit so that it never lights up again. But for this one, I blown "close" the decimal point and now it's "attached" to segment c, d, e, f, g. Now the decimal shows up when one of those segments are "on". I know it's not the proper way to do it. The original DataMatch 2500 has an sn75xxx led driver (which was extremely popular 30-40 years ago). When I multiplex
  13. Thanks to @@amstan I got the bubble leds today. I did a quick comparison w/ the Sparkfun 4 digits ones. Looks like he's letting us to have the whole lot. Haven't count them yet. I managed to blow one already (oops). These (amstan's) are substantially brighter, but when I have to drive 3 modules (3 digits x 3 instead of 4 digits x 2) instead of 2. So I expect a new design will be similar, may be just a little bit brighter. They do have larger digits and a narrower viewing angle. And the bubble is more round / spherical which may magnify more. p.s. amstan also includes o
  14. A quick update. The version 2 PCBs is not yet in my hands. They left HK last Friday (tracked via HKPost) and have not appear on CanadaPost's tracking system. So may be Custom officers are admiring them now. I did a design w/ the "will have" 3 digit leds and it looked like this. @@amstan @@bluehash I am thinking of building may be 10 of these "limited edition" (depending on amstan's contribution, we need 3x per calculator) and let bluehash used them in future POTMs or incentives to member contributions. Afterall this is a donation from amstan. I will test the led modules, wor
  15. @@amstan @@bluehash Thanks for amstan, I am (we are) getting these bubble leds. I will do a version of PCB for them, try a prototype, and will discuss how we can utilize the donation properly.
  16. I don't know about others. But I want to do both design and see how they come out. The 8 digits one began as a compromise as I can't source 9 digit displays, but they turned out really nice looking, I will not abandon them. I would stick to my plan but will also like to sample 3 digit ones from @@amstan (brightness, layout, size) to see how it looks, will work on another layout in a few days.
  17. @@amstan Wow, these looks absolutely more "bubbly" than the sparkfun's. As in bubble led calculator projects, The more bubbly the more awesome. Why don't you show up earlier, Mr. amtan. I had the code done more than 6 months ago and were trying out different displays that I can get hold of. Your's is larger and w/ them it will match the original calculators better as we can use 3 of them to make 9 digits. OTHO the sparkfun ones being smaller (4 digits in the same package as your 3 digits), w/ 8 digits + a lone led looks more compact and will fit within credit card size.
  18. Good thing about Elecrow is that they notify you on every step. The new pcb design has been shipped out and I expected them to be at my door in 5-8 days.
  19. Every single time!! I sent off my Elecrow order for 10 Version 2 boards. And discovered spelling mistakes on the silkscreen. I spell DataMath as DataMatch. Oh well. I should be getting these within 10 days (gauged by my last order). I also ordered a different button cell holder this time. The original one is too thick (9.6mm), This one should look better http://www.ebay.ca/itm/181350806167?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 The new PCB will accommodate this and we should have a thinner profile. I check against the PCB traces and they look OK to me, but if yo
  20. I got them from Sparkfun and I think they are reasonably priced. I also saw it on tindie (can't find it now). I don't know if you want to work your the pcb or use one of my versions. I am going to get 10 of the new design from Elecrow and build a couple more. Let me know what you need. May be I can kit them up for Canadian members who may be interested. I can upload the Fritzing files when you need them. Only thing is that it would only work on older versions (0.8.3). The buttons are 6.5 mm pin spaced and I have to do it w/ a custom part, which I had trouble moving the whole thing
  21. I am attaching the original PCB image here, and a revised PCB that I am going to order. The new PCB has less buttons, and I added a bypass capacitor. Plus it can fill another type of CR2032 cell holder (I want to use the lower profile ones).
  22. Too big. I was also looking at some smaller COG ones but decided that they looked too "advanced" for any retro build. The fact that they are 7x5 dots instead of 7 segment really make them not attractive / pretty. I myself is satisfied w/ the bubble led brightness and I mentioned it to avoid misleading potential builder into something it cannot do (outdoor visibility). I actually make sure the led modules synchronize w/ the TMS080x emulated execution. I.e. I allow the led be updated while the TMS080x steps through instructions. So you will see some ghosting / running numbers during the
  23. The ones I am using are surprisingly good quality, better than the square ones (6x6 or 4.5x4.5) that I got from ebay. I need these thin ones so as not to block the numberings. The clicks are solid and are on the hard side, which is unlike typical calculators and makes it feel more like a electronic equipment. I had the DX product link on the build page. BTW I would also mentioned that I am direct driving / multiplexing the led at 1/8 rate, so it would work well outdoors (or beside a window). But works fine indoors. It's not designed for heavy use.
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