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    tombro reacted to pabigot in missing msp430fr5739.h header file   
    The FR5xx chips don't use BCS or BCS2. There's a completely different clock infrastructure called CS.
    Though the header is probably located within your CCS installation at something like ccs-5.2.1/ccsv5/ccs_base/msp430/include/msp430fr5739.h, you need to look at the FR5XX family user's guide (which is different from the 5xx6xx family user's guide). Find slau272; the latest rev is slau272a. I find google for "slau272" to work.
    If you need examples other than those provided by TI, BSP430 has support for this peripheral; see http://pabigot.github.com/bsp430/cs_8h.html and the source under git.
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    tombro reacted to bluehash in [ REMINDER ] Please Thank Members that help you out.   
    Hello everyone,
    There has been alot of good questions going on in the past few weeks - accompanied with very good discussions. One way you can show your appreciation is by using the "Thanks" or "Thumbs up " button on the top right. It may be hard to notice but a screenshot always helps:

    Use it if you have received something useful from a member. It takes time to write those posts and code. Consider it as karma, that's as good as it can get. :mrgreen:
    Thanks everyone..and wish you a happy new year.
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