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    vinicius.jlantunes got a reaction from Gab3Ru55 in Some 1341 chips, free or small price   
    This is a collection that started some good 15-20 years ago with a friend that went to engineering school. Then her brother who also went to the same school inherited it all, who then gave it to me as he was moving to a smaller apartment.
    So the other day I needed something and saw that pile of circuits. Reluctantly I set off to organize that mess and compiled a list of the 1341 individual circuits. There are many that could probably go to a museum, such as the 80161 microprocessor, but there are also many other circuits that may still be useful to someone.
    I don't like seeing all this stuff laying around, not being put to good use. So I will donate most of the items if anyone is interested - you would only need to pay for the shipping. I live in Brazil, but can probably ship small quantities in envelopes for about US$ 5-10 to most places.
    Depending on the item (if I realize it holds significant value) we may trade it for something else, including money ;-)
    But I think for the most part, items will go for free if there are people interested.
    There are some parts I could not identify - those are marked with question marks (?) on the list. If anyone would fancy googling a bit more than the 30 seconds I spent per item to find out what it is... I appreciate. I can take pictures of unidentified IC's if anyone would like.
    Some pictures are attached.

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    vinicius.jlantunes reacted to roadrunner84 in Using Timer to implement a "sleep / wait" function   
    Yes, you need to be very careful about when you assume you have access to which clock sources. When in LPM4, you don't have any clocksources available, in LPM3 you can only use the ACLK clock (so only the LFXT1 or VLO clock source).
    In my projects, I mostly reside in LPM0 to cause a "wait until", or in LPM3 when I want to go to low power mode. In the latter case I make sure to wake up at a timer (sources from ACLK) or a pin interrupt.
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    vinicius.jlantunes reacted to simpleavr in Using Timer to implement a "sleep / wait" function   
    showing bits of code fragments does not allow us to see the problem.
    they are just too many variables.
    what is i? char, unsigned char, int, short? it need to be > 3000.
    did u turn on general interrupt?
    u have two turn_leds_off(), one outside your if statement which will run every 1ms (i haven't check the timing though).
    what's in your turn_leds_off()?
    if u are trying to do simple things like turn off led in 3 secs, simplify your code to bear minimal and it will be more clear.
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    vinicius.jlantunes reacted to SirPatrick in Using Timer to implement a "sleep / wait" function   
    Here is a snippet of code that waits a certain amount of time and then toggles a digital output pin

        To make this code start on a button press just initially configure the time to be stopped (MC_0). Then in your button ISR do  TACTL |= MC_1;
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    vinicius.jlantunes reacted to xpg in Mailbox Notifier   
    The mailbox notifier is a simple system, which notifies about new mail in the physical mailbox. It consists of two parts: The transmitter and the receiver. The two components talk to each other using a 433MHz wireless protocol.
    The transmitter sits in the mailbox and detects if the mailbox

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