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  1. Glad to see you guys got the course done! I failed miserably in freeing up time for it. I'm doing a different course (also on edx) for work that is very time demanding (~10-12 hours / week) and was too optimistic in thinking I could squeeze this one in as well. Well, I got the boards at least but I'm getting depressed by having all these boards laying around and no time to do anything with them
  2. TI store is having another free shipping promotion through October 23 - https://store.ti.com. No coupon required.
  3. How often you order @@zeke? Maybe they have some sort of limit / max number of orders for a given time period? I just got a few samples this week no problem, using my work email (.com). But last time I had ordered samples was at least 6 months ago for sure.
  4. Got my free shipping bounty today as well. I feel guilty ordering samples on their own, so I thought when buying these things - "well, will add a few other goodies as it won't cost them much more to add to the same package". Funnily though, I received a total of 4 separate packages for all the stuff - one with the booster pack, one with the MSP432, one with only 2 other IC's I paid for, and one with all the samples... I know it's peanuts for TI, but they must have made a loss on my ~45 bucks order! You gotta love TI!
  5. Hey guys, I'm also taking the course. Not sure though about the Bluetooth module though... a bit pricey especially with the dollar so strong (against Brazilian Real) right now. Let's see, maybe later I will bite the bullet. Waiting on the I/O booster pack thingy to arrive. Good luck and fun to all!
  6. As title says: what appears to be a very interesting course is about to start on edx: https://www.edx.org/course/electronic-materials-devices-mitx-3-15-1x#! I will not be able to take this one as I am taking one other series of courses from MITx on Supply chain (related to work) and they take A LOT of time. This other MITx course I'm taking is amazing, which is why I am posting this one here. Looks like their courses are a bit better than the edx average. Good luck for anyone trying it!
  7. Just got this in the mail - 3.14 USD freight on all TI store orders today (03/14). On my last orders to Brazil I have been charged 7 USD, so it's a good discount for me. It wasn't clear to me if it is valid worldwide, but for those folks who were being charged 21 USD, could be a great chance for buying what you need!
  8. Got an email yesterday about some deals TI is offering this week. The MSP432 launchpad is selling by USD 4.32 again, plus some other cool stuff. I am tempted by a CC3200 LP, but I think I have to stop kidding myself and do something with the stack of LP's I already have before buying more... http://www.ti.com/corp-tistore-null-engineersweek2016-bhp-lp-null-wwe
  9. I was watching Dave Jones video about the smart tweezers I've been wanting to buy, and it has got an MSP430 in there.
  10. That's a funny thing to do! Awesome project as usual @@greeeg
  11. A bit off-topic for the forum but maybe others here, like me, have a general interest in engineering topics. I'm taking this course on edx: The Art of Structural Engineering: Bridges https://courses.edx.org/courses/course-v1:PrincetonX+CEE262.1x+1T2016/info Just finished first week (it began last Friday), very cool so far!
  12. Thank you guys, bought two just because (plus the analog engineer handbook and a couple chips).
  13. I posted a review of PartsBox.io to my Youtube channel, for anyone interested. It's a nice tool I stumbled upon a while ago when I was organizing the lab and looking for a better way than Excel to keep parts inventory.
  14. Great talk @@Lgbeno, and great work with analog.io (and all the rest as well ) !
  15. I gave it another try with another board, now using solder paste + hot air gun. There is always room for improvement but it was a much better result!! @@greeeg, yeah I have a bunch of boards I accumulated over the years for salvaging components, filled with SMD parts. Thanks for the tip, will definitely use them at some point for further enhancing my poor soldering skills!
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