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  1. The useful life of an alkaline cell is about 1.55V (new) to 900 mV (under 10% capacity). At 1.25 volts there is still a lot of capacity left in the cell.


    So if you want to use the full capacity of two AA cells, then the circuit must operate on 1.8V to 3.1V.


    Low voltage boost converters that can boost a single AA/AAA/AAAA cell to 3.3V are becoming increasingly popular. Microchip (MCP1623/24/40), TI (TPS61220/21/22), and others make them.

  2. Probably falls in to the category of "better than nothing" and "jack of all trades, master of none."


    The lack of an analog front end makes it non-competitive with a used good quality (Agilent or Tek) scope and/or spectrum analyzer. Can't do proper triggering without additional analog circuitry. Can't have accurate real time display without dedicated RAM for the FPGA. Same for the lack of proper filters and drivers on the analog outputs - can't compete with a proper AWG.

  3. This could be useful for a few projects I am working on.

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  4. I think that the way you are looking at where the stack is located is different for CCS and GCC.


    For CCS you are looking at the start of the allocated stack space (0x03B0), but for GCC you are looking at what the stack pointer is initialized to (0x0400). The stack pointer is used as predecrement, so 0x0400 is correct.


    Try -Os

  5. All the other stuff is nice, but not always required. I have lots of applications that do not use buttons or LEDs, or use them at different pins.


    I'd go for SMD regulator and R and C btw.


    The idea is that you only install what is needed for a specific application - it would rarely be fully populated. It is intentionally all thru-hole so anyone can assemble it.

  6. The timing of the data out of the WS2812 is interesting, but not what should be used by a microcontroller. The manufacturers specs should always be used. Sorry I didn't make that clear in IRC.


    WS2812 spec sheet attached.


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