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  1. I'm interested as well. Please post update PS: was at the Faire and the game of drones was probably the biggest attraction. My son didn't want to leave so I had to stay with him and watch the fights.
  2. Yikes!!! I almost did not win. Now that the pressure is off, time to go finish my project and have fun. Congrats to the winners.
  3. Is this the last entry From the time I started playing with msp430 micro controllers, I've built all kinds of things for my own pleasure. In this endeavor, I'm trying to "domoticize" by home. I want to automate and connect to the cloud: a set of IP Cameras(only one for now), my garage door, my thermostat and a set of remote sensors, and my sprinkler system. The sprinkler is an Opensprinkler that I connected to a raspberry Pi. The IP Camera is a Logitech USB camera attached to the RPi usb Port. motion has been installed and configured to display camera on web page The garage Door
  4. Hi, How is this board different from B# Booster boosterpack ? Is it all about the gauge? I mean to me the BQ24210 looks very similar in functionality to the MCP73831! Just a noob observation ...
  5. I received mine Friday. I got it with also with a broken "Down" button that I'll be fixing by the end of the day. Then will follow a series of experiments in the 433 MHz range and I will post what I come up with. Thanks again to B# and TI for making this possible.
  6. Can I add my modest contribution? I would like to add three (3) Li-Ion 3.7v 1150mAh batteries to the prize pool. Will Post the pictures as soon as I get home tonight. I have used it in a project using schematics and parts of the LiPo boosterpack. It charges and works perfectly. I can share the Kicad schematics with the community when needed. A picture of all three batteries.
  7. Willcomen, I'm more impressed by what you were able to do with fritzing. I actually built my first board using it but quickly outgrew it. I went on to learn Kicad and have made 2 other boards for personal project since then. I'll highly recommend you make the transition to kicad as it's FREE, unlimited in features and very flexible. You'll love it. In addition, the success I have had on my personal projects is a consequence of the help I had on this forum over time. Welcome again and enjoy it.
  8. Hi Butterworth, I once was a freshman noob in MSP430 and I recently graduated to be a senior noob : :grin: Don't ask me what the difference is! All I can say is that by hanging out with all the geniuses around this place you'll get very far. Welcome.
  9. Thanks to TI for the kits, B#, Let me know what you need for shipping. Will paypal you asap.
  10. chibiace---------------------------New Zealand Cubeberg---------------------------USA JWoodrell--------------------------Missouri, USA Rubi ------------------------------Vienna, Austria Automate --------------------------USA grahamf72--------------------------Australia oPossum----------------------------Secret Underground Bunker Dubnet-----------------------------USA Roadrunner84-----------------------Netherlands abecedarian------------------------California, USA rockets4kids-----------------------USA legailutin ---------------------------USA
  11. It sure does feel good I calculated that being active 2s and on standby 58sec, my 400mA 9v battery will last approx 4days. Which is very poor. Since both the msp430 and the radio have low power options, what do you recommend I use for power conversion if I want to stay low power? Looking at the second iteration of the board already. Couple of things that I'd like to integrate: Rx/Tx pins/pads for easy debugging try smaller footprints to further reduce the size of the board. This would have to wait though. Very busy with school and work for now. Thanks to everybody for your comments.
  12. Hi, Finally found the time to populate the board and test it. Everything worked as planned. Programmed it using another LP as seen in the picture. Then added 9v battery and set it up outside. Tested current consumption using my "poor quality" multimeter. In active mode, it uses 8.42mA and 3.65 mA in standby. I don' know why this feel like too much current ... Maybe it is. Now working on elaborating the code.
  13. Thought about bending the pins and did try. Doesn't look good but would work. I'm moving ahead with the idea.
  14. The boards came back. The peoples at Oshpark helped me on this one. They must have changed something(added clearances) because there is no short on the board. I did make a mistake though. On my design, the radio module(cheap nrf24l01 from ebay) was supposed to be soldered on a dual 4 pins row, instead I used an IC footprint. Now, I must find a way to make it work. For the first board ever made, I'm happy with the mistake. Can live with it. Now time to solder an try it out.
  15. Actually, there is a Launchpad part for fritzing and I already used it once Search Launchpad on this page and import the library to Fritzing. Hope this helps.
  16. I found my answer. Channel 11 of the ADC can not be used to reliably read the battery voltage. I ran the msp430G2553 chip on a breadboard with 2.2V and it still reports maximum voltage. There must be another way to check battery level and I will find out :-?
  17. The week is almost over. Can breathe and go back to my thing. Looks like you're right on that one. I tried 2Mbps, 1Mbps, and 250Kbps. The range seems to be inversely proportional to the rate. So, I programmed both stations to the lowest rate. With one station still outside, I actually moved the base station to my office and I'm still receiving updates. I found the code in the forum for checking the voltage, I believe by reading channel 11 of the ADC, which returns 1/2*(VCC-VSS) Can this be a reliable way for checking batteries health?
  18. I went with channel 83 and 1Mbps rate. I'll try the 250kbps sometimes later. I do have the cheap chinese boards. I wouldn't have felt comfortable investing 20 bucks for one unit with sma antenna. mainly doing this for the fun and learning. Even wifey is getting jealous of my new best friends called DS1052E and Saleae Logic. Hope I'll never have to choose.
  19. Hi DogLover, Transitioning from Arduino eh! I was there at one point. Anyway, 1mhz or 16mhz is the speed at which you want to run your processor. The msp430g2553 is fairly capable and can run at up to 16mhz. So, nothing to do with the space on your chip. I addition, you'll find out that the msp430g2553 has 16kb of flash space for the code that you write on the chip vs. 2kb for the 2231 variant. Meaning if you don't select the proper board, you'll run out of space. Hope this helps.
  20. Thanks already for the feedback. Thanks rr, I can miraculously see all the short 8-) on my board now. lol. I'll also change the angles on the traces. When I ran the design rule check with it's "professional" autorouter setting, everything showed ok in fritzing. In addition, I looked everywhere to see where I can add clearances to the design rules. I guess I just hit the first roadblock. Thanks for pointing at diptrace. Never heard of it before but determined to try it out. One question though, how to understand the 300 pins limit metric? Is a hole equal to one pin? or is a pad c
  21. Hi, I've finally found my "cahones" and decided to become a doer, and hopefully more active on the forum. I've been working on his for more than a year on my free time and have learned a lot. However, nothing real have come out of this project until recently. With the recent release of energia library for nRF24L01P by spirillis, I decided to restart working on it. Anyway. I'll post what I've done so far and move along with the suggestions. I'm a noob, so I've gone the noob way: Breadboarded first using what I had in my noob bin (msp430g2553 , nRF24l01P, ds18b20, thermistor, 7805, lm35
  22. Greeeat. I had started using the mirf library myself but my debugging skills got the better of me.
  23. Any hope we will have a library for he nRF24L module on energia? Already tried with arduino but I hate going back to arduino everytime it doesnt work with launchpad.
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