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    deeroh reacted to kylej1050 in Hate mail : Need your input   
    I would say to let images be downloadable and files require registration. Sometimes someone is just looking for info about a project and not being able to see the schematics or photos could be irritating to some. Especially when you aren't sure if it's a quality site. (I know this is how I feel sometimes)
    Allowing images could also lead to linking from other forums and possibly more traffic.
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    deeroh reacted to RobG in nanoPad - MSP430G target board   
    43oh Store link
    43oh Wiki link
    For my next project, I need a small control board. Since LaunchPad is too big and F2013 target board is not powerful enough, I decided to make own target board.
    Here's what I have so far, size 1" x 0.75", power LED, reset button, 0.05" programming header, and crystal. I intend to use it with 20 pin and 28 pin G2553, but other G series chips can be used as well.
    I was thinking of adding extra LEDs and a switch, similarly to LP's, but decided not to.
    Also, I am considering adding LDO and maybe getting rid of the crystal.
    Should I keep RST and TEST on the main header?
    Any thoughts?

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    deeroh reacted to bluehash in Need suggestions for tutorials / code samples.   
    Do you know how to code in C... in other words a basic understanding of C? I'd say, start with that first. Also MSP430 Basics by John Davies is a pretty good book to get started and understand the MSP430.
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