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  1. The MSP-EXP430G2 is pretty cheap, but building the whole launchpad into a final implementation is overkill in some cases. Has anyone ever seen a "breakout board" that would provide a layout for the MSP430 and the basic support components around it, and provide breakout through-holes for the IO? This would be useful for "one-off" custom project where there is no desire to fabricate a complete PCB for the whole circuit, or when the IO beyond the MSP430 is so simple (switch and LED, etc) that no PCB is really needed. Ideally the breakout would support the same set of MSPs in the same DIP p
  2. I don't know if there is a different thread for discussing the MIDI Booster Pack software, but I'll start here. I have the four files for the Harmonizer that I'm going to use as a starting point. (midi.c, midi.h, midi_constants.h, and midi_harmonizer.c). I have Code Composer installed and a previous project is configured in it. I'm not very familiar with CCS, and it's been a while since I last used it. I created a new project, and copied the 4 files into it: When I compile, I get these errors: "../lnk_msp430g2231.cmd", line 58: error: run placement fails for object ".stack"
  3. I can confirm that the All Electronics DIN connectors fit perfectly. One note for the PCB - it seems the holes for the front two mounting/grounding pins are not plated and do not have pads. For future boards, it would be better to have them plated and connected to ground. I scraped off the resist on the ground plane and bent the pins over so they would solder - both to ground the static-protecting metal face and provide better mechanical stability.
  4. This is the part from All Electronics: It looks like it will work fine, and is available in the US. (not sure why second image is not showing here - it works in the browser if I paste in the URL alone)http://postimage.org/image/l0tkxpeb3
  5. What is a part number for the DIN 5 connectors? A few mm in pin position can make the difference between a clean build and an ugly hack. Would this part work? http://www.allelectronics.com/make-a-st ... UNT/1.html Or what about this one? http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Kob ... Fpwclxk%3D
  6. OK, Thanks! BTW, you should at least change the error message that is given, though. It should say that new members cannot post links - period. It currently says new members cannot post off-board links, which is not the way it actually works.
  7. Now that I'm looking at my board, and reviewing the thread here, I'm wondering if I received the correct board. I went back to my order email, and it has: The MIDI BoosterPack PCB DEV-MSP-MIDI-BOOST-PCB 1 $5.00 This Standalone version looks different than what I thought the MIDI BoosterPack PCB was supposed to be. I was expecting to connect the boosterpack to the Launchpad. I looked in the store, and the Standalone has a different part number : DEV-MSP-MIDI-STANDALONE. So I think they shipped me the wrong board. I'll see if there is a customer service link at the store...
  8. I tried to cross reference my post to another post in the same thread. I was not allowed to submit. I tried to add an image from the same thread. Same issue. Please fix the "spammy" post filter to allow posts to contain links to this board.
  9. Do you have a BOM with specific vendors and part numbers so we can be sure the components will fit the PCB? (really just the DIN-5 and switches - everything else is common). Just to be clear - I have the version of the board with 5 switches S1 to S5. Is there a separate download link for the schematic and BOM for this PCB?
  10. Where are the code examples for the MIDI Booster Pack posted? I looked through the threads, but didn't see the link. Thanks!
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