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  1. I found it. Actually it is *not* on every page. It only appears if you go into the "MSP430 Ultra-Low Power 16-bit Microcontroller Forum" sub forum. If you only stay on the "MSP430
  2. That would be fine if there was a corresponding "mark all as read" button, or I actually wanted to read all of the unread messages. But as it is, it is useless.
  3. Pretty much all forum software has a "new since last visit" option. However, between all the different forum softwares and all the different skins, it can be difficult to find this feature. One notable exception is TI's E2E site which appears not to have this feature. If I'm missing it, could someone clue me in?
  4. Personally, I don't ever bother with the blog and just use the "new posts since my last visit" option in the forum.
  5. And that's just fine if you want the LED to flash very rapidly when the buton is pressed and then left in a random state when the button is released. I do not think that is what OP had in mind.
  6. If you don't have an external pullup on P1.1 you need to enable the internal pullup.
  7. You don't want to use XOR here.
  8. This may be relevant to your interests: http://home.earthlink.net/~david.schultz/rnd/2004/KalmanApogeeII.pdf
  9. If you have one of the boards with female headers on the bottom, you could mount male headers to a piece of protoboard and then mount the protoboard to your base. This would also allow you to plug in any of the standard configuration launchpads.
  10. I completely fail to see the interest in any of these conductive inks. The resistance is so high that they are practically useless, and the issue of joining parts to the ink is greater than any advantage to be gained, even at much lower resistance levels. Nevermind the absurd price. In many ways, the "popularity" of conductive ink is representative of everything I loathe in the maker community -- An expensive and proprietary solution for a problem that simply doesn't exist.
  11. Bright white is always best at making small rooms appear larger and providing the best light to work by.
  12. Yet again, if you don't know what a motor-encoder is, you would do well to research that before commiting to steppers.
  13. The first question you should ask is whether you really need to go to the expense of a stepper motor. In most cases, a simple motor+encoder is easier, cheaper, and just as good as a stepper.
  14. How long was it taking to flash that object with the ezfet after the firmware upgade? I am curious how the updated ezfet compares with the FET430UIF.
  15. Offtopic, but does anyone know if the current Tiva Launchpads are still shipping with experimental silicon? BTW, the combination of experimental silicon and limited number of pins makes this a non-starter for me. I'll continue waiting until the next version with 40 pins and production silicon.
  16. You could try a similar approach on the MSP430, but be absolutely certain that you verify the randomness with tools such as DIEHARD or DIEHARDER. A lot of hardware random numbers are far less random than you might think. Relevant: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Larson
  17. From what I can tell, the only real difference between the Nucleo boards and ST's existing DISCO boards is the lack of any external hardware (accelerometer, LCD, audio amp, etc) and the Arduino shield header pin layout. The $10 price is great, but it is in line with the rest of the DISCO boards.
  18. All this time they took to get it out the door and they couldn't update the PCB to include the 40-pin headers? Also, what is the deal with JTAG header?
  19. rockets4kids

    MSP430 clock

    Note that even when using a 32 kHz xtal you are still going to have difficulty achieving the accuracy of the cheapest digital clock from wal*mart. To make a decent clock with the MSP430, you are going to need to calibrate it and apply temperature compensation. If you need any kind of long-term accuracy, and you don't want to futz around with calibration, take a look at one of the RTC chips out there. Expect to pay $3-$10 depending on the level of accuracy you need, but this is trivial compared to the amount of time you will spend futzing otherwise.
  20. In addition, conio.h is already used. I wonder if they knew... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conio.h
  21. There are a *huge* number of switching LED drivers on the market these days. The only problem is that most of them are only available in tiny packages that are difficult to solder.
  22. Note that this part has a max gate threshold of 4.0 volts, so it is possible that you are not turning it on fully with with an msp430 running at max voltage. Set up a test circuit on your breadboard with a potentiometer on the gate and monitor the voltage drop across the MOSFET as you ramp up the gate voltage.
  23. It has been available at $70 for a while now from Fry's but in-store only. BTW, what does "B&M" mean?
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