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  1. I you want someone to build a project for you, then you should start by stating that clearly in the title. However, I highly doubt that unless you have a fair bit of money to offer you are not likely to find anyone interested. If you want to start learning on your own, I suggest you start by learning how to blink an LED.
  2. Are you looking to learn how to build this yourself, or are you looking for someone to build it for you?
  3. All of the G2 parts with a UART have a bootloader in ROM. http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/slau319j/slau319j.pdf
  4. I believe mspgcc supports the interrupt format used by msp430-gcc, so that shouldn't be a problem. Historically mspgcc used only the gcc-style interrupt declaration format and only added the IAR/CL430 format late in its development run. It is because msp430-gcc tries to say closer to pure gcc that it only supports the gcc format.
  5. Amateur high altitude balloon projects have actually become quite casual in the past year or two.
  6. I have seen plenty of people using Arduinos and Raspberry Pis as flight computers for these applications, so clearly power consumption isn't *that* great of a concern. ;-) I agree that an MSP430 part would likely have lower power consumption than a Hercules part, but I would be willing to bet that a Hercules part -- when used/coded properly -- would consume *considerably* less power than what most people are actually using. I mention this application because I have seen a fair number of discussions on flight computer failures. Now personally, I suspect the primary cause to be related
  7. Perhaps a better way to discuss this would be, "For what hobbyist applications would the Hercules part be well suited?" The first thing that comes to my mind would be high-altitude balloon projects or cubesats that would be subject to cosmic rays. Does anyone know if the Hercules architecture will really provide a benefit here?
  8. Before migrating to TIs gcc compiler you will really want to investigate its actual condition and level of support. For instance, can you even find any proper documentation on the new compiler? The older toolchain, though obsolete, is more reliable and much better suited for most projects.
  9. The simple solution is to always place the constant on the left hand side. This will always force an error if you use = instead of ==
  10. Have you gotten "hello world" to compile under the new toolchain? If not, that is where you want to start. Most of your size issues are likely coming from newlib, not the compiler directly. That said, I still have reservations about the new compiler so unless you need support for large memory or C++11 I suggest you stick with 4.6.3.
  11. What core is the current msp432 part using?
  12. My understanding is that most of the issues were fixed in the LM4 parts, and most if not all of the LM4 parts still exist and were simply renamed as TM4.
  13. Just stumbled across this and though some people might be interested: http://rohitg.in/2015/05/17/FM430/ These FM receiver modules go for about $1 on eBay.
  14. The word from someone inside of TI is that the name was changed from Stellaris to Tiva because Asians had too much trouble pronouncing "Stellaris." I still don't know is this is serious or a joke.
  15. Correction: Your idea is worthless until you patent it. Then you can let someone else do the work and profit anyway.
  16. netcat is the swiss army knife of networking tools. Several books have been written about netcat alone.
  17. Personally, I would ask the following questions: 1. Is there a fully open source, cross-platform toolchain available? 2. Does the part have community support and acceptance? 3. Is the part well stocked by distributers? 4. Does the manufacturer have a history of long-term product support?
  18. I wish they would just put these videos up on youtube to begin with.
  19. I'm not sure it has to do with any of that. You don't see the 8051 as a stand-alone part any more, you see it embedded into other chips. In that realm, the 8051 has become the de-facto architecture and it will likely stay that way for some time to come. I do suspect that at some point that ARM will supplant the 8051, and the only real question is when that will happen.
  20. Gotta love 8051 instructions running in a single clock cycle at 100 MHz!
  21. Are you checking for an oscillator fault condition in software?
  22. If you have the code space available, just write your own firmware update code which uses the hardware UART. This is the preferred option anyway.
  23. just google "how to drive a relay with a microcontroller" you will find dozens if not hundreds of pages which explain how to do this.
  24. It seems these parts have been in the pipeline for quite some time now: $ whois msp432.com Domain Name: MSP432.COM Registrar: GKG.NET, INC. Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 93 Whois Server: whois.gkg.net Referral URL: http://www.gkg.net Name Server: NS.TI.COM Name Server: NS2.TI.COM Name Server: NS3.TI.COM Name Server: NS4.TI.COM Status: clientTransferProhibited http://www.icann.org/epp#clientTransferProhibited Updated Date: 04-dec-2013 Creation Date: 13-jan-2011 <<<<<<<<--------------------------------
  25. http://www.w9xt.com/page_microdesign_pt12_hv_pnp_switching.html
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