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  1. Hi Nate, Excellent work on your oven AND congratulations on graduating. Yes, I want one of the delux kits. Send me a IM with ordering.
  2. Noticed that items listed in each forum oldest to newest such that one needs to search to the bottom of a topic to find the latest info/reply/conversation. Would it be beneficial and easier to to search info if replies/comments to a topic were oldest at the bottom of the topic and newest material at the top. Sometimes going thru the whole topic with many pages to get to current information is a hassle.
  3. Thanks for all the feedback. Really helps. As for the hardware I'll review what I've done to see what I need to change and pick up the 553 chips for the proper config. At this stage breadboarding makes changes easier.
  4. I looked over your design. Nicely well done! I see where the 452 chip I specd' doesn't have the UART but pinouts look identical and you have more RAM and Flash available. I like the Triac drivers as nice and simple. I had chosen relays which needed drivers and related parts. A little less expensive but harder to implement. I was using a 2x16 LCD but also have some Nokia 5110 displays as well as breakout boards for the Nokia which need the UART function. My biggest problem is not with the hardware but with the code. I wrote "classic C" (Kernigan & Ritchie) for a test set I designed for We
  5. If there are boards still available, I would like 2. Please let me know. Will you take PayPal? I've been trying to "roll my own" loosely based on Nate Zimmerman's original design but have been hung up on code and trying to upgrade his design to use a G2452 chip.
  6. I am looking for D-pak and SOT-23 to DIP adapters. I think you have included some SOT-23 in up to 6 land configuration on your proto board. If you could separate some of the areas into individual items or make the proto board with snap-apart sections would be a big help. whle preparing this reply, I googled DPAK adapters and got a host of sites that offer them. Seems most sites were off-shore. One had about 70 sections with snap-apart pieces for about $50.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Glad to know there are fellow hams in the mix. My call sign is KC8PSW. I also want to develop a "cheap" PWB routing machine using a MSP430x for control. Saw some I/O boards that could be used to drive stepper motors and a simple XYZ "milling machine" design to modify plus jewelery engraving bits that would work better than end mills. Has anyone tried this before? My reflow oven project is coming along. With the newer MSP430G2553 uC, the I/O problem gets better and the extra PROM is great for more code.
  8. Hi rob, Great work on these proto-boards, I will order some. In the mean time, would you consider creating smaller versions that can be used on any breadboard that could have a single device mounted such as d-pak, SOT-23 or any IC from 8-28 pins? I suppose one could cut a proto-board into smaller units using a scroll saw or band saw. I'm working on a complicated controller board that will have a MSP430 device installed but not using the LaunchPad except for programming.
  9. Hello to one and all. I'm relatively new the TI MSP430 family. My main interest is in the area of Amateur Radio (Ham) so projects I will be involved with will be aimed that direction. As for a previous life, I have been a Manufacturing Engineer for Lucent Technologies in Columbus Ohio where I had overall assembly responsibilities for Radio Frequency (RF) power amps having circuit boards with SMT and thru-hole components. My current project is a Reflow Oven that is based on previous work by Nate Zimmerman (Dec 2011).
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